My Weekly Apartment Cleaning Schedule

I recently moved into an apartment by myself. I love being able to decorate the way I like and having more space for myself, but I've had to get used to cleaning everything without help from roommates. I wanted to share a cleaning schedule that I came up with today because I've found that knowing what I need to get done each week helps me get it done. 

Whenever I feel like it

  • Laundry - I actually don't mind doing laundry, and I try to do it whenever it gets full. Sometimes that's once a week, sometimes more frequently. 
  • Dishes - I run the dishwasher whenever it's full, lately that's been around 2-3 times a week. 
  • Trash - I take the trash out when it's full, and there's not a set schedule for that. I do make an effort to empty my bathroom trash can once a week even if it's not completely full. 


  • Vacuuming - my living room has a large area rug and my bedroom is carpeted, and vacuuming weekly helps keep the dust at bay and my space looking clean.
  • Dry mopping - I have laminate flooring in the rest of my apartment, so I either like to dry mop or vacuum to collect all the dirt and hair that accumulates throughout the week. I don't wear shoes in my apartment, so it never gets too dirty, but I like having the floors clean. 
  • Wet mopping - I have a Swiffer wet jet and I go over the laminate just to make sure it's nice and clean. 
  • Mirrors, windows, and screens - I make sure to windex the mirrors in my bathroom and bedroom weekly, but I also try to check the windows and my tv screen to see if anything has smudges that can be wiped away
  • Wipe down surfaces - there are some surfaces that get wiped down daily, such as my kitchen, my dining table, and my bar area. This is a reminder to wipe down other things such as my nightstand, coffee table, media stand, and the table on my patio. 
  • Change sheets and towels - this is self explanatory. 
Bi-Weekly: I split this between bathroom and kitchen and switch between the two every week. So one week, I'll do the bathroom portions of the list and the next week I'll do the kitchen. Everything gets done once every two weeks, but I never have to do everything at one time. 
  • Kitchen: wipe down the microwave, stove, and scrub the kitchen sink
  • Bathroom: scrub the toilet, bath tub, and bathroom sink
Monthly: I like to do this sometime during the first week of the month. But if I miss a month, it's not a big deal. These are the things that I like to do, but don't absolutely need to get done. 
  • Dust - everything, all the surfaces, my window coverings, all the things. 
  • Baseboards - I wipe down the baseboards with soapy water and a microfiber cloth
Let me know in the comments what your cleaning routine looks like and if there are any things that I am missing on my lists! Also let me know if you want a little apartment tour or a post on how I decorated because I'd love to share the ways I made my apartment homey on a budget. 

x, S


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