10 July Favorites: Books, Fashion, and Lifestyle

I thought we'd switch it up and do a favorite's post because there are a lot of services and items and objects that I've been loving this month that I want to share with you. This month has been a lot of travel for me, first a road trip across the country, then a week long trip to Chicago and I think some of these things will reflect that. 

1) OPI Alpine Snow: This already has a post of it's own, but I have been loving white nail polish lately and this is my absolute favorite. White nail polish is effortless, modern, and goes with absolutely everything. It also looks fab with short nails, which is a bonus for me and my little nail stubs. 

2) Gold Hoop Earrings (the bigger, the better): I got a set of three (hypoallergenic of course) from Charming Charlie because they just filed for bankruptcy and the store at my local mall had everything on massive sale. I haven't worn hoop earrings in at least four years, but I really like it! It's classic and adds a little something to an otherwise plain outfit.

3) Archer: One of my friends introduced me to this show and I cannot believe I have not seen it sooner. We watched all of season five (Archer Vice!) together, but I've since gone back to the beginning and am working my way through season two. It's so great for a laugh and probably one of my favorite shows ever.  

4) Prime Reading: If you have Amazon prime, you have access to prime reading through the Kindle app. It is a collection of free books and magazines that changes monthly. It has allowed me to read books that I would have never thought to read otherwise (Elon Musk: Tesla, SpaceX, and the Quest for a Fantastic Future), old favorites (Divergent), and books I've been meaning to read forever (Tribe of Mentors)

5) My Car: I did a little road trip with my mom from Nevada to Indiana to help me move some of my stuff to my new home. I love my little Subaru for many reasons, but it held up so well during the drive, didn't break down on me, and made the drive a whole lot better. 

6) Traveling: As a whole, I love traveling. Someone recently asked me where my favorite place in the world is and I think my answer is anywhere that makes me realize how large the world is and how insignificant I am in comparison. I've seen a lot of those places road tripping from Nevada to Indiana, whether it was the salt flats of Utah or the vast expanse of green in Wyoming or the fields that stretch as far as the eye can see in the Midwest. I've loved it all and I've loved having the chance to go places I've never been and see things I've never seen. 

7) Yoobao Portable Phone Charger: I have a lot of portable phone chargers, but this one is by far the best. It is lightweight, slim, pretty, and has enough power to charge my phone three or four times. It was a lifesaver when I was traveling and has a permanent place in my purse. 

8) Butterfly Chair: I got myself a beige butterfly chair for my living room and I find myself sitting in it more than any other piece of furniture that I own. I have a couch, I have barstools, I have a dining room table with chairs, but nothing is as comfortable as that butterfly chair. They're like $30, take very little space, and are so, so chic with a fancy throw pillow on it. 

9) Yoga Mat: I bought myself a cheap Gaiam yoga mat for my apartment at Target and I really like it. I have a large space in my living room for me to practice and just having a yoga mat in the apartment has made me more willing to do at least a little bit of exercise everyday. 

10) Back Buddy: I have a lot of back pain stemming from some shoulder problems I've had for the past six years. This has been a game changer for me because it allows me to apply precise pressure to very specific points of my back and shoulders to relieve some of the pain that I am in. 

Let me know what your favorites this past month have been in the comments and if you've taken any fun trips this summer!

x, S


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