A Ranking of La Croix Flavors

La Croix is something that you either love or cannot stand. I'm in the former group and have at least a can a day. I love La Croix so much that it was included in my June favorites post! For the uninitiated, La Croix is a flavored sparkling water brand with no sugar, no calories, and no added sodium. It is fizzy, fun, and tastes amazing! I haven't tried all the flavors (I believe there are 21), but I've tried a handful of the most popular ones and thought that I'd rank them! 

1: Grapefruit
This was the first flavor that I tried and my favorite flavor! I'm not a huge grapefruit fan, but this flavor is refreshing and doesn't taste too artificial! Another plus is that grapefruit is in all the La Croix cases at Costco or Sam's Club so you can stock up for cheap!

2: Lime
This flavor isn't quite as good as the grapefruit one, but I still enjoy it. My favorite way to drink a can of lime La Croix is over ice with a slice of lemon or lime in it. It definitely tastes a little more artificial than grapefruit, but is still yummy. 

3: Berry
This flavor tastes the strongest. If you're going to use a flavor as a chaser or mixer, this is the one you should use! It tastes a little fake, but also like my childhood and I thoroughly enjoy it. With all that being said, I know people that really don't like this flavor, so I guess it's one of those decisive flavors. 

4: Coconut 
Another decisive flavor! I love coconut and tropical flavors, and although this tastes a tad bit like sunscreen, it is a great summertime flavor. 

5: Lemon
This is my least favorite of the citrus flavors. It tastes artificial and just doesn't work as well as the grapefruit and lime flavors. It's not bad, I'll drink it when it's around, but it's not something I love.

6: Cran-Raspberry 
I strongly dislike this flavor. It's not so much the flavor, but the aftertaste is not something particularly pleasant for me. I could see this being another good chaser/mixer flavor because it's a bit sweeter and stronger than the others on this list (just like the berry one), but it's not something that I buy for myself. 

Let me know in the comments what your favorite flavors of La Croix are or if you're even a La Croix drinker! I definitely need to branch out and try some more of these flavors, but I tend to get large packages from Sam's Club and the only flavors included are the ones on this list minus coconut. 



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