What I'm Reading: June 2018

Last month's What I'm Reading post was insanely long, so to balance it out, this post will be really short. I am still on track to read my 18 books in 2018, although I wasn't able to actually finish any of the books I've started in May. 

What I'm Reading:

Awaken the Giant Within - Tony Robbins 
This book is so much longer than I realized and it's a book that can't really be rushed through. I'm halfway through the book already and I've learned so much from it! It talks a lot about neuroscience, perception, habit making and breaking, and how vocabulary influences your life. It is all so interesting and is so applicable to anyone regardless of age or life stage. 

The Handmaid's Tale - Margaret Atwood 
This book is free on Prime Reading for all you Amazon Prime members! I have not watched the television show, although I've heard really good things about it. I've been reading a lot of non-fiction books lately and needed a change, so I thought this book might be a good choice. 

That's it for this month's post! I'm still at 9/18 books for the year, so if I can stick to two books a month I'll be sure to make it! Let me know what books you've been reading in the comments below and if you have any reading suggestions for me! 


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