Monday, May 7, 2018

My Springtime Morning Routine

School is almost over, but I thought that I'd write this post while I still have classes and a set morning routine. This summer I think my morning routine will change once I start working and my schedule changes, so there will definitely be an updated version of this coming in a couple months! 

If you don't know much about me, let me start off by saying that I am such a morning person. I go to sleep ridiculously early and also wake up a lot earlier than most college students. This semester I had 8am classes on monday, wednesday, friday and 9am classes on tuesday and thursday. 

I like to wake up early and get ready leisurely. This usually means waking up at 6:15 when I have 8am classes or 6:45 when I have 9am classes. If I'm really exhausted, the latest I let myself sleep in is 7:00am. I spend the first twenty minutes of my day listening to a podcast and going through my makeup/skincare routine. I set out my outfit the night before, so I don't need to make any decisions first thing in the morning. 

Some days I'll eat breakfast at home, some days I won't. It really depends on if I want starbucks (if I pick up coffee from there, I'll usually get a pastry for breakfast) or if I'm hungry. I was doing intermittent fasting for a little bit and loved it, however I've been working out more and have found myself getting hungrier earlier in the day. If I eat at home, I make something super quick like avocado toast, a freezer waffle, or a bagel with cream cheese. Something I always make sure to do is drink 16 ounces of water sometime during my morning before I leave the house so I stay really hydrated throughout the day. 

I don't typically go to the gym before class because then I would need to shower and that would force me to wake up earlier than I want to. But if I have extra time, sometimes I'll do a Tone It Up youtube video or a couple sun salutations to get the blood flowing. 

I don't like consuming social media first thing in the morning. I find that it's a waste of time and it just isn't the way I want to spend my first moments of the day. Instead I like to read news articles. I use the News app on my iPhone and read whatever looks interesting. Lately it's been a lot of articles from Business Insider or the Cut. 

I'm out the door either at 7:20 or 8:15 depending on what time I need to be on campus. I always give myself a little extra time so I'm not late to any of my classes. Let me know in the comments what time you like to wake up and if you're a morning person or a night owl! There will definitely be a summer morning routine and maybe even a weekend morning routine coming in the future months, so follow MBG so you don't miss it! 

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