Maple Holistics Tea Tree Shampoo Review

Another day, another review! If you missed it, my last post was a three step skincare system review, and today I am reviewing a tea tree shampoo. I am not a huge haircare person. I typically use whatever shampoo is the cheapest (usually something Garnier or Herbal Essences) and don't care much about what shampoo or conditioner I use. Maple Holistics reached out to me and offered to send me a shampoo to try and review for you, so I got to try something a little higher-end and different from what I typically use. 

First, let's talk about what the shampoo claims to do. Tea tree is supposed to clear dead skin cells from hair follicles and combat dandruff, rosemary is supposed to stimulate cell renewal, and lavender acts as an antiseptic and prevents blemishes on the scalp. This formula is sulfate free and contains over 98 all natural compounds. The scent of this is different from what I expected. I like tea tree, but this shampoo is slightly metallic smelling. It's not a bad scent at all, and fades quickly after the shampoo is rinsed out, but something worth mentioning. 

When I use this shampoo, I double cleanse (so wash, rinse, and repeat once more), which is actually what they suggest doing on the bottle. And let me just start by saying WOW! My hair responded so good to this shampoo! I usually go two days between washes, but after using this shampoo the first time, I waited to see how long I could wait before washing and I got to four days! I did find that my hair was silkier and smoother than with my other shampoo, to the point where I don't really need to use a conditioner when I use this product. If you like a lot of volume or have oilier hair, this might not be the best shampoo for you because you're getting those conditioning elements so close to your scalp. 

Overall, I don't have any negatives with this shampoo! I absolutely adore it and love the way my hair looks and feels when I use it. I could see myself repurchasing this in a heartbeat as well. If you are interested in this product, I'll link it here! It's actually on sale on their website, so definitely give it a look if you're interested! Maple Holistics also has a free-sample program that you can check out here. 



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