Bloom Skincare Review

It's been way too long since my last product review post, but I have a couple coming within the next few weeks so make sure you follow my blog so you don't miss them! Today's post is on a couple products from Bloom Skin Care. I hadn't heard of this brand before, but they reached out and offered to send me a couple products to try. That being said, these are my honest thoughts!

Balancing Facial Toner
I am not usually a toner person. In my typical skincare routine I use a face wash, moisturizer, and sometimes a serum or eye cream. This toner is alcohol-free and is supposed to be non-drying, good for all skin types, and pH balancing. I've used this product for about a week and haven't noticed a huge difference in the way that my skin looks or feels. This toner has a really heavy citrus scent that doesn't bother me, but is something to keep in mind if you're sensitive to scents. Overall, I feel pretty neutral about this product as a toner, but really like it as a hydrating spray for a little refreshment or as a setting spray of sorts. 

Hand and Body Lotion
This is a thinner moisturizer than I am used to. It says that it is a hand and body lotion, but I've also tried it on my face. This moisturizer comes in four scents, and I have the green tea one. In hindsight, I would probably prefer the unscented one because the green tea one is quite sweet and has a pastry/white chocolate scent to it that I'm not particularly fond of. The consistency of this is quite thin. If you've ever used a cleansing milk, it has the same sort of texture. I don't mind it, and I think that it is really nice because it absorbs easily, but I'm not sure how hydrating this would be in the cooler months when my skin gets really dry. Overall, I'm quite ambivalent about this product. Sure, I'll use it up, but I don't see myself repurchasing it anytime soon. 

Facial Cleansing Mousse 
I usually use my Foreo to apply cleanser, so I used that in conjunction with this face wash. First off, let's start with scent. I really love the scent of tea tree, which made me adore this face wash. But if you don't enjoy tea tree quite as much as me, the scent goes away once you rinse it off and doesn't linger at all. I've been using two pumps to cover my entire face and that seems to be enough. It cleanses without making my skin dry, flaky, or tight feeling. However, this face wash is really gentle and doesn't remove my eye makeup, so I've been using the Clinique Makeup Remover for that. Overall, of the three products this is by far my favorite and is something that I would repurchase in a heartbeat. 

UPDATE: It's been about a week since using this and I've been breaking out way more than usual. I think that it is due to hormonal and dietary things, but I thought I'd mention it anyways. I'll keep using these products and let you know if I keep breaking out or if it goes away (like it should if it is hormonal). 

So that's it for this review! Let me know if you've tried any Bloom skincare products or what your favorite skincare items of the moment are in the comments below! I'll try to get back to posting more frequently, so make sure you follow this blog on Bloglovin and there will be another review (shampoo!) in a couple days!


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