Tuesday, July 25, 2017


Did you know I have a second blog? I haven't been posting on Sisi Travels for a while (I think the last post was in March), but that's all changing now! If you're a newer reader, let me share a little bit about my travel blog with you. 

I'm not a huge traveler, but I like using my blog to document all the fun restaurants, sightseeing, and activities that I do wherever I am. I am originally from Hawaii, and this summer I'm working in Waikiki (the tourist center of the island), so I have been writing about all the places I've been eating in the area. I go to college in Reno, Nevada so I also write about the cute cafes and restaurants in Reno-Tahoe. I also write posts whenever I go to a new place, so you'll see some other content sprinkled in there. 

If you're interested in writing a piece about your hometown, give me an email! I think it would be so fun if people submitted posts about their towns so everyone can learn about the hidden gems and can't-miss attractions. 

This was a short post, but I wanted to share that the other blog is up and running  and is no longer neglected!

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