Saturday, June 17, 2017

What I'm Reading: Online Websites

Every month I've been doing a What I'm Reading post sharing the books that I'm tackling that month and recapping what I read the previous month. This post is an extension of that series, but will cover the things that I read every month. I love reading online blogs and articles daily and thought it would be fun to share some of my favorite websites with you. 

Refinery29: Money Diaries
I don't really like Refinery29's usual articles because I feel like they are "clickbaity" and not at all informative. The one exception to this is the money diaries. It shares the expenses of a woman during a week in her life and is a nice way to see how people budget on different budgets. 

Well and Good
This is one of two wellness sites that I read religiously. I usually check the main page a couple times a week and read whatever seems interesting to me. This site covers diet, health, exercise, spirituality, and everything wellness based. The articles are well written and they have amazing visual content as well. 

Mind Body Green
This is the second wellness site that I read. It is a little less polished than Well and Good, but covers a wider range of topics. I really like how they have guest posters that talk about their specialties. For example, there are a few posts done on acupressure that are absolutely fascinating. 

Random Twitter Stuff 
Twitter or the News app on my iPhone are where I get the majority of my news. On both apps I follow a lot of the typical news sites (CNN, Huffington Post, WSJ, NY Times...) as well as some local news sites (Hawaii News Now, Reno-Gazette Journal...). I don't have one site that I'm loyal to and end up reading a couple articles from each throughout the week. 
I also follow a lot of business magazines on twitter (Inc, Fast Company, Money, Entrepreneur...) and I read the articles that look interesting to me on my feed. 

That's about it for my reading! Let me know what you like to read online in the comments below! I'm always looking for new, interesting sites to read. I have another What I'm Reading post coming in the next couple days about the magazines that I read monthly! Make sure you're following this blog on Bloglovin so you don't miss it!

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