Sunday, June 4, 2017

Summer Bucket List

I'm spending my summer in Hawaii this year and I wanted to share a bucket list of activities I want to accomplish this year. Like the past few years, I'm working and taking summer classes online, but this year I want to make sure I'm taking advantage of everything the island has to offer (especially because I have a car this summer!) Here are a few things I'd like to do...

  • Fireworks! Every Friday, there are fireworks in Waikiki. I never make the time to drive there, but now that I'm working in the area, I want to make time to see them! 
  • Go to the beach once a week. This is a bit more of an ambitious goal, but there are some summers where I only head to the beach once or twice, which is a tragedy. 
  • Hike more! Hiking is one of the few types of exercise that I actually enjoy and there are so many hikes that I haven't tried before that I want to do this summer. 
  • Hangout with my friends! This year, all of my friends have jobs, which will make it a lot harder to spend time together this summer. If I can get everyone together a couple times this summer, that would be amazing! 
  • Read more. This is one of my New Year Resolutions, but I haven't been keeping up with it as much as I would like to. If I can catch up on my reading list over the summer, I'd be so happy. 
  • Try new restaurants. So many new restaurants have opened within the past couple years and I haven't had the chance to try them yet! I would love to go to a couple new eateries a month. 
Let me know what's on your summer bucket list in the comments below! It is absolutely crazy to me that this is my second to last summer vacation before graduating college and I want to make the most of it! Also, follow me on instagram @miss_sienna to see all my summer pics!

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