Friday, June 30, 2017

What I'm Reading: July 2017

Hi everyone!
Sorry I haven't been posting as frequently recently, but I've been busy with summer school and working. If you're new here, "What I'm Reading" is a monthly series I do on the blog, where I share the books I'm planning on reading that month and recap the ones I finished the previous month. You can read them all here! 

Last Month's Books:

How to Win Friends and Influence People - Dale Carnegie
I finally finished this book! I've been working through it little by little over the past two months. It is a really interesting book and has a lot of actionable advice. This book is mostly common sense, but it's still a great read for anyone looking to improve interactions with others. 

The Sell - Fredrik Eklund
I have this book on Audible, which I highly  recommend because Fredrik is hilarious and he reads it himself! This book isn't just for people in sales, but for anyone looking to move up the ladder, establish themselves, or improve their life. I have listened to this book multiple times all the way through and is one of my all time favorites. 

This Month's Books:

Into the Wild - John Krakauer
Loved the move, haven't had the pleasure to read the book yet. I've only ever heard great things about this book and it seems like a nice change of pace from the self-improvement books that I've been reading the past couple months. 

The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up - Marie Kondo
I want to read this book this month because my mom has a hard copy of it and I'm home until mid-August. This is a different sort of self-help book and tidiness is something that I struggle with, so I am super interested in learning the KonMari method. 

Let me know in the comments what books you're reading this month! I am always on the lookout for new reading material and would love to hear what you're into. 

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

What I'm Reading: Magazines

Every month I do a What I'm Reading post full of the books that I'm reading that month as well as a recap on the books I've read the previous month. I've realized that those posts don't give a well-rounded view of my reading material because I do a lot of reading outside of those books. The other day I did a post about the websites I read and today I thought I'd share with you the magazines that I read. 

I have a lot of magazine subscriptions. Most of them are from T-mobile tuesdays or other free offers. Although I am subscribed to probably near 10 magazines at any given time, I only read a few of them religiously. They are...

1) Honolulu Magazine
I love this magazine. It is bright, colorful, fun, and keeps me updated on all the new happenings in Hawaii while I'm away in Reno for college. This is one of the few magazines that my family actually pays for and it is totally worth it. 

2) Fast Company
I have the e-version of the magazine so I can read it wherever I am, but my family gets the print version and it is beautiful. The cover is matte and gorgeous and the content is amazing. The content is pretty typical for a business magazine (I feel like all business magazines are similar), but I like how they emphasize creativity and innovation. 

3) Glamour
This is like a beach read or pool read for me. It's not something I read for content, but it's not a bad way to pass the time. 

4) GQ 
It might seem weird that I, a young female, am reading a book geared towards men, but I really love GQ. The way that everything is written is so smart, witty, and just plain interesting. They also have a great mix of fashion, entertainment, interviews, and hard hitting journalism that isn't seen in many other magazines. I don't really know that there is a female equivalent of GQ. Maybe Vogue or Marie Claire, but whenever I read those magazines I can't help but feel like it was written for someone older or richer than me. 

Those are the four that I usually read each month. There are other magazine that I read semi-regularly (aka whenever I have the time). Those magazines include Inc, Money, Hawaii Business, Seventeen, and Marie Claire. Let me know what magazines are your favorite in the comments below! 

Saturday, June 17, 2017

What I'm Reading: Online Websites

Every month I've been doing a What I'm Reading post sharing the books that I'm tackling that month and recapping what I read the previous month. This post is an extension of that series, but will cover the things that I read every month. I love reading online blogs and articles daily and thought it would be fun to share some of my favorite websites with you. 

Refinery29: Money Diaries
I don't really like Refinery29's usual articles because I feel like they are "clickbaity" and not at all informative. The one exception to this is the money diaries. It shares the expenses of a woman during a week in her life and is a nice way to see how people budget on different budgets. 

Well and Good
This is one of two wellness sites that I read religiously. I usually check the main page a couple times a week and read whatever seems interesting to me. This site covers diet, health, exercise, spirituality, and everything wellness based. The articles are well written and they have amazing visual content as well. 

Mind Body Green
This is the second wellness site that I read. It is a little less polished than Well and Good, but covers a wider range of topics. I really like how they have guest posters that talk about their specialties. For example, there are a few posts done on acupressure that are absolutely fascinating. 

Random Twitter Stuff 
Twitter or the News app on my iPhone are where I get the majority of my news. On both apps I follow a lot of the typical news sites (CNN, Huffington Post, WSJ, NY Times...) as well as some local news sites (Hawaii News Now, Reno-Gazette Journal...). I don't have one site that I'm loyal to and end up reading a couple articles from each throughout the week. 
I also follow a lot of business magazines on twitter (Inc, Fast Company, Money, Entrepreneur...) and I read the articles that look interesting to me on my feed. 

That's about it for my reading! Let me know what you like to read online in the comments below! I'm always looking for new, interesting sites to read. I have another What I'm Reading post coming in the next couple days about the magazines that I read monthly! Make sure you're following this blog on Bloglovin so you don't miss it!

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

5 Ways To Get Better Summer Skin

Summer means skin! Whether you're in a bikini, tank top, or short summer dress, everyone wants smoother, softer, skin. Here are five foolproof ways to get your best skin ever this summer. 

1) Hydrate
You probably already know this, but it's worth repeating. Hydration is the number one way to get better skin. In the summer it is hotter outside and we are sweating more, so it is important to replenish your fluids. Try to aim for half your body weight (in pounds) in ounces of water per day. For example, I'm 116 pounds so I shoot for at least 58 ounces of water per day. You also want to make sure you're applying a body oil or lotion and hydrating from the outside in! The sun can be extremely drying as can salt and chlorine, so make sure you're still giving your skin the hydration it deserves!

2) Exfoliate
The benefits of exfoliation are two-fold. First, it removes your dead skin, giving you soft skin and a killer glow. Second, it makes it easier for you to get a closer shave! There are plenty of great products on the market (Lush's Ocean Salt is a great one), but if you want to DIY it, I have an entire post dedicated to it! 

3) Eat Well
What you put into your body is reflected in the way that you look. Make sure you're eating tons of plant foods and lean proteins and not too much refined sugar or processed foods. A lot of people say to cut down of fat because it can clog pores and lead to breakouts, but if you're eating good plant fats (think avocado, olive or coconut oil...) it's not going to be a problem. You actually need some good fats for your cell membranes! If you're sensitive to gluten or dairy, you might want to cut that out too, but follow the diet that works best for yourself. 

4) Protect
SUNSCREEN! That is the best way to prevent skin cancer and keep you from getting wrinkly prematurely. Add a hat and sunglasses if you're outside, and make sure you're reapplying your sunscreen often! Also, do a quick double check of all the medicines and prescriptions you have because some make you more sensitive to UV rays. For example, Retin-A causes increased sun sensitivity. 

5) Sweat
Sweat is awesome for your skin. It helps clear your pores and increases blood flow throughout your body. Go on a hike, bike ride, or walk along the beach! Whatever you choose to do, make sure that you're sweating with makeup-free skin. You don't want any products blocking your pores while you're trying to get your sweat on!

Let me know what your summer skin tips are in the comments below! Also, make sure to follow this blog on Bloglovin! I'll be doing a giveaway for you guys once I hit 500 followers!

Thursday, June 8, 2017

What I'm Watching: Summer 2017

It's a new season, which means I'm watching different shows! Here are the shows that I'm watching this summer. 


  • Silicon Valley:  I love this show! This show is so well written, smart, and hilarious and this season is no exception. 
  • The Kardashians: Don't watch this all the time, but if it's on and I'm bored, I'll watch an episode or two. 
  • The Bachelorette: This is my guilty pleasure, but I always TiVo it so I can fast forward through the commercials (it cuts the two hour show to slightly over an hour). Wasn't thrilled about Rachel as the bachelorette, but I really like her on the show so far!
  • Nothing
  • Masterchef: This (along with Top Chef) are my top cooking competition shows. This season is also really awesome because a girl that I know (not super well, she dated one of my high school classmates) made it onto the show. 
  • Real Housewives of NY: Don't love this city as much as Beverly Hills, but I've been keeping up with it pretty regularly this season. This isn't something I pay a ton of attention to, but I like to have it on while writing, cleaning, or cooking. 
  • Million Dollar Listings NY: This is by far the best city for MDL and has the best cast! It is over the top and definitely dramatic, but also still maintains a level of "realness" lost in most reality tv. 
  • Nothing
  • Nothing
I don't really watch a ton of television in the summer because I'm usually busy and out and about. I have been watching a lot of movies and Netflix this summer in my free time (I'm rewatching 90210 again). Let me know in the comments what shows you're keeping up with this summer and if there's anything I should start watching!

Sunday, June 4, 2017

Summer Bucket List

I'm spending my summer in Hawaii this year and I wanted to share a bucket list of activities I want to accomplish this year. Like the past few years, I'm working and taking summer classes online, but this year I want to make sure I'm taking advantage of everything the island has to offer (especially because I have a car this summer!) Here are a few things I'd like to do...

  • Fireworks! Every Friday, there are fireworks in Waikiki. I never make the time to drive there, but now that I'm working in the area, I want to make time to see them! 
  • Go to the beach once a week. This is a bit more of an ambitious goal, but there are some summers where I only head to the beach once or twice, which is a tragedy. 
  • Hike more! Hiking is one of the few types of exercise that I actually enjoy and there are so many hikes that I haven't tried before that I want to do this summer. 
  • Hangout with my friends! This year, all of my friends have jobs, which will make it a lot harder to spend time together this summer. If I can get everyone together a couple times this summer, that would be amazing! 
  • Read more. This is one of my New Year Resolutions, but I haven't been keeping up with it as much as I would like to. If I can catch up on my reading list over the summer, I'd be so happy. 
  • Try new restaurants. So many new restaurants have opened within the past couple years and I haven't had the chance to try them yet! I would love to go to a couple new eateries a month. 
Let me know what's on your summer bucket list in the comments below! It is absolutely crazy to me that this is my second to last summer vacation before graduating college and I want to make the most of it! Also, follow me on instagram @miss_sienna to see all my summer pics!

Thursday, June 1, 2017

What I'm Reading June 2017

I've been major slacking on the reading these past few months! But now, I'm back in Hawaii for the next couple months and am vowing to catch up on my reading! Here's what I read last month and what I'm going to read this month (hopefully). 

Last Month's Book:

#Girlboss - Sophia Amoruso
I absolutely loved this book. It was witty, easy to read, and made great points. Compared to other self help books out there, it's a little light on the actual self help, but the autobiographical content is beautiful and hilarious. This is definitely a book catered towards a younger audience, but I loved reading it and highly recommend it. 

This Month's Book(s): 

How to Win Friends and Influence People - Dale Carnegie
I started this book months ago and am yet to finish it. It is an interesting read and I have already started implementing tips from the book into my everyday life. There is seriously only twenty or so more pages for me to read, so this is the first book I plan on tackling this month. 

Into the Wild - John Krakauer
Loved the movie, never read the book. I meant to start this book last month, but just didn't have the time. I anticipate that it is one of the easier reads on my list (if you haven't seen the list of books I want to read this year, it's here) and I need a little break before heading back into the more difficult reads (like Hemingway and Kerouac). 

The Sell - Fredrik Eklund
I have this book as an audible on my phone and now that I'm working and driving everyday I thought it might be nice to keep this on in place of music during some of my rides. I love this book, but I think I need a slight refresher and I'm working in sales this summer, so it seems fitting. 

If I have time, I might pick another book from the list, but I anticipate only finishing these three books this month. Let me know in the comments how you're progressing on your New Year Resolutions and what books you're currently reading (and loving)! Make sure you also follow this blog on bloglovin so you don't miss new content!