Wednesday, May 3, 2017


Athleisure is probably one of the best trends ever! It is amazing how socially acceptable it is to wear leggings, running shoes, and sporty tanks out in public! Little personal aside here, I do a lot of lab work with chemicals, and wearing leggings is SO much better than wearing jeans when it's hot out! I thought that it would be fun to share some of the athleisure items I'm lusting after right now! This blog post is shopable, so if you see a piece you like, click on the image for more product information! 

Row 1: Sports Bras
Lately I feel like sports bras have gotten so much nicer and are meant to be seen! Whether it's in a fun pattern like the first one, fun materials like the second, or is nice and clean looking like the third, sports bras are becoming cute!

Row 2: Tanks
I am a huge fan of those athletic tank tops with built in sports bras for two reasons. Firstly, I'm lazy and putting on one piece of clothing instead of two sounds a lot better. And second, they're so cute and allow for amazing cutout shapes! I am also a huge fan of anything in a sweatshirt material, but now that the weather is getting warmer, a muscle tank iteration is much more weather-appropriate. 

Row 3: Leggings
I LIVE in my leggings! Usually I go for neutral colors or patterns that can match with anything, but the first pair reminds me of a unicorn and I'm obsessed. Something I haven't dabbled with yet is leggings with mesh panels or cutouts like the second and third pair. I think that they look amazing and could be great during the spring and summer because they allow a little extra air flow that normal leggings couldn't! 

Row 4: Outerwear
Give me an oversized hoodie or sweater and I'm in love. The first two are nice because they have the lace up detailing that is so different from anything that I own. The bomber jacket is just trendy and beautiful! I love the iridescent shift in the material because it is so different from anything I'd seen before!

I know a lot of people think that athleisure is lazy, but it is so dang comfortable and a lot of the new pieces are so cute that I'd want to wear it out of the gym! Let me know in the comments if you're digging the athleisure trend yourself and what your favorite brands for athleisure are! I haven't dabbled in any of the pricier brands yet, but I'm curious to hear what you like!

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