Saturday, May 6, 2017

5 Wellness Experts You Should Know

I have been getting very into wellness lately and have been doing a lot of research. Through watching interviews and talks and reading articles, I have learned about a lot of individuals within the movement that are totally inspiring. Here are five of my favorite wellness experts and people you should know about. 

1) Dr. Mark Hyman
I have no desire to be a doctor, but if I did, this is the type of doctor that I would aspire to be. Dr. Hyman is a family physician and author amongst other things. He is arguably the most important person within the field of functional medicine. Functional medicine is different from the way medicine is usually practiced in America because it focuses on the body as a whole. It treats the causes of disease and not the symptoms (as Western medicine traditionally did). He has a podcast called House Call, which is super educational and informative because he talks about how to eat to prevent and cure disease. If you want to learn more about functional medicine or how to eat to prevent disease, there are tons of interviews with him on youtube. A good place to start is with his Ted Talk

2) Amanda Chantal Bacon
You probably know Amanda from the Elle meal diary that she did a few years ago that went absolutely viral. She is the founder of Moon Juice and is queen of juicing and supplementing with herbs, mushrooms, and other adaptogens. While I don't use or practice a lot of what she does, I think that the way she approaches health is so interesting because it is so different than the way most people do. Her story is also so fascinating because she healed herself with food and ayruvedic practices when Western medicine couldn't. If you want to learn more about her you can watch her Wanderlust talk here and read her Elle meal diary here. 

3) Dave Asprey
People have mixed feelings about Dave Asprey. Some think that he's a genius for inventing bulletproof coffee while others think that he is a snake oil salesman that is promoting bad diet advice. I fall somewhere in the middle. His claim to fame is with the bulletproof brand and his biohacking. Some of his biohacking tips, which you can find in his speeches and through his podcast are amazing and can help you maximize your energy, lose weight, and become an overall healthier person. While you might not like Dave Asprey or what he has to say, it is worth checking out a speech or interview or two because he takes a very scientific approach towards leading a happy, productive life.

4) Lauren Singer
The previous people all covered the health aspect of wellness, but Lauren covers the environmental impact portion of wellness. The waste she has produced from the past four years can fit into a mason jar. That's pretty impressive. On her blog, she gives tips on how to live a lower impact life that are all super easy to implement. She's also opened a zero-waste pop up store to help educate people on what it takes to lead a low impact lifestyle. 

5) Elizabeth Knott and Stephanie Simbari
Technically I don't think you can classify these two as experts, but they are the hosts of my favorite podcast, That's So Retrograde, where they interview wellness experts. That's So Retrograde is a weekly podcast that is around an hour long. They've interviewed everyone from Amanda Chantal Bacon to shamans, astrologists, healers, and even celebrities like Ashley Tisdale and Emma Roberts. If you're looking for an easy introduction to the more "out there" aspects of wellness, you should definitely listen to their podcast. 

The way that I've been staying up to date with my wellness information is through podcasts (like TSR, House Call, and Bulletproof) and by reading Mind Body Green where most of the above individuals are contributors. Let me know in the comments if you're into wellness and if there are any individuals within the movement that you particularly like. 

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