Thursday, April 27, 2017

The Best Fashion from GIRLBOSS

I've been binge watching the first season of GIRLBOSS on Netflix, and have been obsessed with the style of the main character Sophia Marlowe (based off NastyGal founder Sophia Amoruso). She screams cool and wears killer thrifted outfits all while building her online empire. Here are some of her best looks. 

The usual casual day sweatshirt and jeans uniform is updated with a vintage Gucci sweatshirt and a heavy dose of jewelry. The layering of bracelets, necklaces, and rings adds a degree of interest to a staple outfit. 

This is the quintessential GIRLBOSS outfit. If you want to watch any episode for the fashion, it should definitely be the pilot. You can't see it, but she's wearing a really amazing vest as a top with red flared jeans and killer platform boots. This jacket is a gorgeous way to add a secondary pop of color in a cool way. 

This outfit is the normal wrap dress elevated. The statement necklace adds a pop of interest to the typical LBD. 

Sophia's back at it with the flared jeans. She also adds a graphic t-shirt and a long jacket as a pop of color. Throughout the series you can tell that the influence the '70s play on her wardrobe especially with the flared jeans!

Another casual day outfit updated with a bomb ass bomber jacket and careful jewelry layering. This jacket looks like something that has been thrifted and adds an old school layer to her otherwise very modern, trendy outfit. 

Sophia Amoruso is known for her denim jumpsuits, so it was nice to see that incorporated into the show. What really sticks out with this is the tailoring and the fit because it suits her so well. While all over denim is a hard look to pull off, a jumpsuit makes it a little bit easier. 

Have you watched GIRLBOSS yet? What are your thoughts on it? Let me know in the comments below! I'm only 6 episodes into the season, but I really like it (especially the fashion and the music!). Also, make sure you follow this blog on bloglovin for more fashion, beauty, and lifestyle posts!

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