Saturday, April 15, 2017

Shows I'm Currently Watching (Spring 2017)

Back in January I wrote a "Shows I'm Currently Watching (Winter 2016)" post. Now that it's spring and the shows have changed for the new season, I thought I'd write a revised post with a list of the shows I'm currently watching. Instead of the list layout of the last post, I thought I'd list them by days that they air to keep it a little more organized. 


  • Bobs Burgers: This is one of those shows that I watch when nothing else is on. Maybe I'll put it on when I'm cooking or cleaning, but it's not something I watch regularly or something I watch with my full attention. 
  • Silicon Valley: Granted, season 4 hasn't started yet, but the show returns April 24, and you best believe that I'll watch every episode every week. This is by far my favorite show (maybe ever) and is so smartly written I can't wait for it to start again. 
  • The Arrangement: This is a new show about a contract marriage. In my opinion it draws a lot of similarities to Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes' relationship, but in an obviously fictionalized way. It is absolutely fascinating, so well written, the actors are incredible, and this show is probably my new obsession. I highly recommend watching the pilot episode. 
  • Nothing!
  • Brooklyn Nine-Nine: this is one of my favorite comedies on air. It is so funny and the characters are so multi-dimensional, which is rare for a comedy on air. 
  • Designated Survivor: There was a large hiatus mid-season and I haven't gotten back into this show to the point that I was in the winter. It's still interesting, but I feel it's gotten a bit predictable and a little boring. 
  • Scandal: I love Scandal! I think this season, especially the last few episodes have been so interesting and so good that it makes up for some lags in previous seasons. At this point, I'm so invested in Scandal that I'll watch it out of habit even if there are better things on. 
  • Nothing! I tried to get into Masterchef Junior, but just couldn't do it. 
  • Nothing!
So there are quite a few shows on this list, but I don't watch everything every week. Of these shows only The Arrangement and Scandal are must watch for me. Let me know in the comments what shows you've been watching this spring! 

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