How I Spend an Hour in the Gym

This semester I've been a lot better about going to the gym at least twice a week. I don't have a lot of free time, but prioritizing my health is super important to me and I can definitely squeeze 2 hours of exercise into the 168 hours in my week. Here's a breakdown of an hour in the gym for me! 

Cardio: 30 minutes 
I hate cardio. I have never been good at running or spinning and it's not something that I love. Lately I've been doing my cardio on the elliptical. I start slow and do 0.25 miles with the lowest resistance as a warm up. After that, I run laps alternating resistances between 5 and 8. If at any point I need a break, I'll turn the resistance to a 10 and walk it out for a lap. I usually end up doing 2.5 miles in the 30 minutes, which isn't the fastest, but the resistance helps tone my legs. 

Strength: 20 minutes
This depends on the day. Sometimes it'll be abs and back, other times legs, and sometimes arms, shoulders, and chest. Generally for abs and back I do mat work and use the TRX. For legs I do a lot of squats (jump squats, pistol squats, weighted...) and lunges (one leg, curtsy, jumping). Lately one of my favorite leg workouts is single leg lunges using the TRX and single leg burpees (add in a push up to get your arms toned too). For arms I do some work with the TRX and a lot of bodyweight exercises. I've also been incorporating free weights to help with my shoulder stability because it's still an area of weakness for me. 

Stretch: 10 minutes
I love stretching. This is by far my favorite time of my workout. I always stretch out my legs, hips, and back because those muscles take a lot of daily wear and tear. I also stretch out whatever group I was working out that day. 

I'm not super into fitness and I don't particularly like going to the gym, but it's something that I do for my future self. For me, going to the gym is more about preventative health measures than aesthetics or looking bikini ready. I definitely think that exercise is an important healthcare practice, but whether you decide to do it in the gym, in a studio, or outdoors is completely up to you. 


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