Monday, April 3, 2017

10 Phone Apps I Can't Live Without

If you run into me in real life, chances are my phone is either in my hand or back pocket. I thought it would be a fun idea to go through my phone and pick out my ten most used apps and share it with you! I have a lot of apps on my phone, but these are the OGs. I'd love to hear what your top ten (or five) apps are, so let me know in the comments! In no particular order...

1) Messages
This is a no brainer for me! I tend to not call people, and texting is by far the most important form of communication for me. 

2) Facetime
I live in a different state than my family, so Facetime is an essential for me. I tend to use facetime at least four times a week, but there are times when I use it daily if not more!

3) Mail
I have SO MANY email accounts (and I really don't know why) and I love the mail app because it lets me see all of the unread messages from all my accounts at once. 

4) Snapchat
I don't post on Snapchat much at all, but I use it to keep tabs on my friends (especially the ones that live far away and I don't talk to frequently). I also added pretty much everyone in my high school class on snapchat, so there's always fun stories to watch!

5) News
I went over all the reasons I love the News app in this post, but the condensed version is that I love reading what I'm interested in and having it in a feed is amazing! 

6) iHeart Radio
I switch the music apps that I use frequently, but lately it's been iHeart Radio. I love listening to some of my favorite stations from back home (Star 101.9 and 93.9 the Beat are two of my favorites) and the ads on iHeart Radio tend to annoy me less than those on Pandora or Spotify (but that's a personal preference). 

7) Nest
Now this is going to sound a little creepy (don't judge me!) But back home we have four cameras set up around the house. Using the Nest camera I can check to see if anyone's home, which is really convenient when I want to see if my family is home or not. 

8) T-Mobile Tuesdays
Probably one of my favorite apps! They have such great deals on there (the $2 movies is one of my favorites) and I've gotten so many magazine subscriptions on there for free! 

9) Eve
This is the period tracker that I use. I used to use P Tracker lite, but I like this one more because it has a nicer user interface. It works and is pretty accurate and I like being able to record simple health things on my phone. 

10) Lyft
I like Lyft more than Uber. I think the business practices of Lyft are a lot better and I have had better drivers with Lyft. Lyft also gives out a lot more deals and discounts, which I totally appreciate. 

There are so many more apps that I use, but don't have listed here (such as Instagram, Safari, Netflix/Hulu/BravoNow). These ten apps are my ride or dies and if I had to go through the rest of my life using only these apps, I think I could do it (but I would be very unhappy). Let me know what your favorite apps are in the comments below!

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