My Morning Wellness Routine

Mornings can be rough. For me, there is no worse way to start a day than to wake up late and rush out the door looking and feeling like a mess. Lucky for me, I am a morning person and have no problem waking up early to do my wellness routine. Here is a sample weekday morning. 

7:00am My alarm goes off and I hit snooze. I don't go to sleep, but spend the nine minutes before my alarm goes off again meditating. Sometimes this is done sitting cross legged on my bed, other days I meditate in savasana so I can stay under the covers and warm. 

7:10am I spend a couple minutes looking at my phone (just the essentials, replying to texts and checking for school emails). Then I go to the bathroom. In the bathroom I change into the outfit that I laid out the previous night and do my makeup. I usually have a cup in my bedroom and chug a glass of water after brushing my teeth. 

7:35am By this time I'm usually done in the bathroom. I head to the kitchen where I make a cup of tea and eat my breakfast. Breakfast is usually overnight oats that I made the previous night and put in the fridge. I also prep snacks/lunch for that day if needed. 

7:55am Load the dishwasher, make my bed, and tidy my room a little bit. This is also the time I spend either watching something, listening to something (I've been listening to Star 101.9 on iHeart radio recently), or studying for a test. 

8:10am Head out the door to school. 

My morning routine isn't too intense, but gives me a lot of time to do things at my pace. What makes my mornings stress free is prepping the night before by laying out my outfit, packing my school bag, and making breakfast. I know not everyone is a morning person, but by taking some time to center yourself (maybe with a 9 minute meditation) first thing in the morning, you set yourself up to have a successful day. 

Let me know what your morning routine is in the comments below! 


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