Thursday, March 16, 2017

How To Love Learning

I have always excelled in the traditional academic environment. I am a decent test taker, learn well through lectures and textbooks, and have always enjoyed a classroom setting. Most people aren't like that. We can all agree that the American school system has systemic flaws, the worst being that it causes people to fall out of love with learning. Learning is great! It's what allows people to change the world, build companies, and live purpose driven lives. Here are a few ways to re-fall in love with learning. 

Find something you're passionate about. During high school, there were probably some subjects you were more drawn to than others. While you might have been texting under the table during English, you were fully engrossed in Biology lectures. Once you find something that intrigues you, something you're passionate and fully interested in, spend your time learning about it. Learn for yourself. Learn because you enjoy it and you genuinely want to know more. Read articles about subjects your interested in, watch documentaries or interviews, or talk to people that know more than you about whatever it is you want to learn about. 

Learn something useful. These are functional skills that will instantly improve your life. Maybe it's learning how to cook, do taxes, or change a tire. Not all learning is academic! If you're not passionate about research or learning in an academic setting, this is a great way to continue to foster a love of learning in your everyday life. 

Teach. Countless teachers and professors have told me, "the best way to see if you truly understand something is to teach it to another person." Learning and teaching are a symbiotic relationship. Obviously the person you're teaching is learning from you (hopefully), but you're also learning at the same time. Maybe you're learning that you don't know the material as well as you thought you did, or maybe you're learning how to approach a problem in a different way, or that you need to work on your public speaking skills. Regardless, you will always learn something about yourself when you teach another person. 

Learning is great! Nothing bothers me more than people who say they hate school or learning because there is so much value in learning new ways of looking at the world. Let me know in the comments how you like to incorporate learning into your everyday life. For me, I try to listen to a couple podcasts a week and read relevant articles daily!


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