Monday, March 6, 2017

How to Find a School and Social Life Balance

The school, work, and social life balance is one of the more difficult aspects of being a college student. You want to make sure you're getting decent grades (especially if you want to go to grad, med, or law school), but you don't want to stay in every weekend and feel like you're missing out on the college experience. Here are a few ways I've found my school and social life balance. 

I am a notorious planner. I have a daily planner on me at all times and in my room I have a whiteboard with a weekly layout of my week. By staying extremely organized, it becomes a lot easier to maneuver plans and responsibilities and make time for social outings. Granted, a lot of parties and plans are last minute, but if you know of events ahead of time, this is one of the best ways to prioritize going out. 

Plan Ahead
This is similar to the first tip, but slightly different. If I'm going out Saturday night, I make sure that all of my really intense homework is done on Saturday day, so if I wake up feeling like a zombie, I only have to do "fluff" like clean, cook, or simple assignments. By making sure you have your bases covered before going out, you can party without worrying about the things you have to do the next day. 

Say No
There are a lot of times when the best thing to do is say no to going out. Whether you have a lot of tests the following week, assignments due, or just feel like you need alone time, it is okay to say no to going out. FOMO isn't a good reason to go out when you know you have other things to do instead. 

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