5 Ways to Be Productive Between Classes

This semester, I have a lot more breaks in my schedule. These breaks are usually an hour or two, which isn't quite long enough for me to run home and come back. Instead of scrolling mindlessly on my phone or online shopping, here are five productive ways I like to spend my breaks. 

1) Homework
This is a big "duh" but needs to be said. I try my hardest to make my breaks a fun experience for myself, which means that I try not to leave last minute homework to do right before class. Instead, I try to get ahead on homework for the week, whether that's doing some reading for a class or working through some practice problems on my own. 

2) Group Learning
This category includes things like office hours or study groups. At my university, some classes have supplemental instruction sessions lead by students that did really well in the class the previous semester. On my Fridays, that's where you'll find me between organic chemistry and my lab class. There are some classes that I don't like studying for at home because it's boring, or I get easily distracted. These are the subjects I either like to do homework for or get help on while I'm at school. 

3) Eat!
A lot of my breaks are lunch breaks. I am a huge fan of multi tasking, so I'll either pack a lunch and eat it while doing group learning of some sort, or I'll buy lunch at the student union and sit in a corner and do homework. If you have long days (some days I have upwards of six hours of class), it is so important to make sure you're eating so you don't end up hangry or burning out. 

4) Workout
This is actually something that I don't do, but is super popular. If you have a decently sized break (maybe something over an hour), you could get in a good workout between classes. Even a walk around campus will get your heart rate up!

5) Do Errands
If you need to respond to emails, pay bills, fill out applications for jobs or scholarships, this is a great time to do it! I find that I am so much more productive in a public space than when I'm at home alone, so I like to try and take advantage of that! You could even go grocery shopping or to the bank depending on how long your break is. 

Being productive during breaks like these during the day mean that you'll be able to get everything you need to done without needing to pull all nighters! It also leaves you more time to binge watch Netflix! Leave a comment below letting me know how you like to spend breaks between classes!


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