Thursday, March 23, 2017

20 Ways You Can Improve Your Life in 20 Minutes

Most people waste their 20 minute breaks. They think that it's too short of a time to do something meaningful, and end up watching tv or scrolling through their phone. I'm here to tell you than 20 minutes of nothingness are one of life's greatest blessings. Here are 20 things you can do in 20 minutes that will definitely improve your life. 

1) Speed Clean
When you're environment is chaotic and messy, so is your mind. Pick up things off the ground, clean your bathroom, vacuum or mop, or just tidy up around the house. You can even do this with music or the tv on in the background!

2) Meditate
Most people believe that they're too busy to meditate, but everyone can make a 20 minute break fit into their schedule. Sit down in a distraction free environment and meditate. You could even use an app like Calm if you prefer guided meditations. 

3) Exercise
Do some bodyweight exercises, go on a walk, or do a workout video at home. 20 minutes is plenty of time to exercise as long as you're efficient about what you do! Circuit training is definitely ideal for times like these!

4) Stretch
Sitting causes so many issues, but we're forced to do it for hours on end each day. Do some stretching to try and reverse the damage it causes to our posture and joints. 

5) Clean Out Your Inbox
This is a task that is highly neglected (even for me), but is so worthwhile. Unsubscribing from mailing lists you're uninterested in, replying to emails that you haven't, and archiving the important stuff will make you so much more organized. 

6) Nap
Studies have shown that people feel most refreshed after a 20 minute nap. If you're feeling stressed or tired, take some time for yourself and catch up on your sleep. 

7) Call a Friend
Use your 20 minutes to keep in touch with people! Friendships are so important, but when life gets busy, we often forget to keep in touch with the people that mean most to us. 

8) Plan
It is so nice to have a list of all your commitments, whether that's in a planner or on your phone. Taking time to plan and see what you need to do will help you stay focused and will keep you from feeling overwhelmed. 

9) Watch a Ted Talk
I love Ted talks. Ted talks are supposed to be 18 minutes or less, so you have plenty of time to watch one during a 20 minute break. Find a topic that interests you and learn something new that you can implement into your everyday life. 

10) Update Your LinkedIn
This is another neglected thing that could be done so fast. Everyone should be doing this on a regular basis, but make sure your profile is up to date if you're looking for a job. 

11) Mass Text
This is similar to number 7, but slightly different. I am in a different state than most of my friends, and we never talk as much as we should. I like to take a chunk of time and text a whole bunch of my friends asking them when they're free to facetime. Even if they don't respond or we never end up facetiming, I feel like at least I made an effort. 

12) Read the News
With the world as it is now, it has become so important to stay educated on current events. Scrolling through CNN and reading a few articles will help you stay an informed citizen. 

13) Clear Your Social Media
Unfriend and unfollow everyone that makes you feel badly about your life or you just don't like. Enough said. 

14) Meal Prep
20 minutes isn't long enough to full on meal prep for a week, but it's enough time to prep some snacks, make a few breakfasts, or get everything prepped for dinner. If you have healthy snacks prepped and ready, you'll be less likely to reach for the chips. 

15) Get Outside
Fresh air and sunshine is so good for you. Go for a walk, walk to a coffee shop, or even just sit outside and soak up the sun. 

16) Read
I think that people should read more. Read for fun, read for yourself, read something that makes you happy. 

17) Journal
Take out a piece of paper and a pen, and just start writing whatever comes to your mind. It is so freeing to get some of your thoughts on paper and let go of your worries. 

18) Get Ahead
There's probably something you could get started on, whether that is taxes or a school assignment or some paper work for your job. Getting a head start on whatever it is you need to do is such a great feeling and will keep you from procrastinating to the last minute. 

19) Clean Out the Fridge
This is super fast to do and will keep your fridge from smelling nasty. Go through everything and figure out what leftovers are still good and what you need to throw out. 

20) Do Nothing
It's nice to have time to do nothing. Watch a television show, scroll through your phone, and do whatever you feel like it. You deserve it! 

What do you like to do when you have a 20 minute break? Let me know in the comments below!

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