Monday, February 6, 2017

Why You Should Force Yourself to Go Out

These past two weekends were supposed to be low-key weekends. Ones where I stayed in at night, got my 10 hours of sleep and got ahead on my readings, lab reports, and homework for the week ahead. Instead, I spent both Saturday nights out at parties, and then spent my Sunday wondering why I thought it was a good idea to go out. Here are a few of the reasons that I use to convince myself to go out when I'd rather stay in. 

"Because whatever you need to do can wait"
Weekends are a lot of homework, cleaning, and planning for me, but sometimes all of that can wait. If I look at the list of things I need to do over the weekend and realize that I can push some things back a few days to make time for a party, I'll do that. I'm such a planner and prepper that sometimes I think I'm busier than I actually am. If I can realize that's the case, it's easier for me to convince myself to go out. 

"Because you'll never meet _____ at home" 
You can fill in the blank with "friends" or "a boyfriend" or "an employer." A lot of life comes down to connections and who you know, and there's no better place to make these connections than at a social event. I know that for every good dinner/party/social event you go to there's at least five bad ones, but if you never go out you don't have a chance of meeting someone special. 

"Because this will be a good story in 10 years"
I live by YOLO. Not in that douchey frat boy type of way, but in the sense that I'd rather take a risk and have it turn into a complete shitshow (and a great story) than to never have taken a risk at all. If I think going out will give me memories or stories that will stick with me for a lifetime, I won't pass that opportunity up. 

All this being said, I'm still a highly introverted person and I don't really enjoy going to huge parties or socializing with strangers. But when it's 10PM on a Saturday and I can either change into comfy clothes and go to bed or go out to a party, these are some things I think about to push me to be more social. 

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