Sunday, January 1, 2017

My Week on Instagram #44

Hi guys!
Wow, I've been slacking with my blog posts and youtube videos! This is another my week on instagram post, although it's not going to be a "week" as much as a "month" because I've gotten pretty behind on this series. I'm back in Hawaii until 1/20, so hopefully I can take and post more pictures before I leave! 

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Haha don't hate me! This is from over a month ago! It was taken in March when I was in Portland at a Trail Blazer's vs. Mavericks game with my friend Kalyn. I posted it because it was her birthday (and coincidentally Thanksgiving). 

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This was a picture taken over the summer at my favorite beach ever! I posted it because I was slightly homesick and very actually sick with the flu. 

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This was my Christmas post! It's a family picture, which is especially meaningful considering last Christmas my brother was studying abroad so our whole family wasn't together. I posted it because it was the nicest family picture we have even though that small piece of hair on my forehead bothers me to death!

So I hope you enjoyed playing catch up with me in this post! I promise I'll try to be more consistent in the new year! You can read the previous My Week on Instagram posts here if you're interested! 

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