Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Memories From 2016

2016 was a bittersweet year for me. A lot of good happened, but that was balanced out by many personal difficulties. We're going through the good and the bad of the past years in this post, and I'll be sharing some of my favorite pictures from this past year too! 

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  • First month of me having my drivers license back in Hawaii, so I took my mom's car and went out a lot
  • Got to go to the beach and see my friends from high school that I never really see in person except for summer and winter breaks

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  • February was kind of a there month. Nothing outstanding happened, but nothing terrible did either. This was a month that passed by quickly and quietly. 


  • Another there month. I really couldn't tell you what happened in April if you paid me. 

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  • May was a stressful month. I had to move out of my dorm pretty much during finals, which was not fun. Luckily one of my friends offered to store my things over the summer (thanks, Blaine!) 
  • Finals was surprisingly good. This semester I got a 4.0, which was a huge step up from the previous one. 
  • I flew back to Hawaii and started working at the boutique that I used to work in my senior year of high school. That flight was stressful as well (to hear the whole story, click here!
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  • These months blur together in my mind. I was working 40 hour workweeks at the boutique and spending the rest of my time hanging out with friends and family. 
  • In August I flew into Reno and moved into my new apartment! It was brand new as you can see in my apartment tour! 

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  • This were the most social months of the year for me. I was going out pretty much every weekend and there were events happening all the time. 
  • One of them was the welcome week festival, which was a huge concert put on by the school.
  • Another was the Reno Hot Air Balloon Festival! It's always magical and amazing. 

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  • Romantically, this was the only month where I actually had something. I started to date someone I really liked, which felt really good. 
  • I cooked a whole turkey for my roommate and I. Honestly, I felt like a boss after doing that and it turned out SO GOOD!

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  •  Relationship-wise the beginning of the month was great, but the last two weeks kinda sucked
  • I got really sick during finals all the way through Christmas, which was awful
  • I got another 4.0 this semester, which was impressive considering the classes I was taking (O chem's no joke)
  • Flew back to Hawaii after finals, flight was delayed, had to sprint to my connecting flight, going to try avoid flying through LAX for the rest of my life...
So that was pretty much a recap of my year. Overall, 2016 was not my best year, but it was a year of growth, which I think is so important. This year had me truly living on my own (I needed to cook, clean, manage my time...) and I started actively dating, which has taught me about myself and made me realize what traits I like about myself and others. If you made it this far, thanks for reading! Sorry this post is so long!

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