Monday, January 2, 2017

Best Posts of 2016

If you've been reading the blog for a while now, you may have realized that 2016 was a transition year for me. In terms of content, I shifted from being heavily beauty and fashion oriented into more lifestyle content. I definitely got busier with school and posted less on the blog than in previous years, but I published content that I am really proud of. Here are some of my best posts of 2016. These were either the most read by you, or posts that I personally really enjoyed writing and that hopefully you will enjoy reading. 

3 Tips For Buying Things As A Minimalist
This year I dabbled in minimalism more. I spend about 3/4 of the year in Reno and 1/4 of the year in Hawaii and I found that it is a lot easier to travel when I don't have a lot of things. These are three tips that will help you determine whether something is worth buying and how that item will add value to your life. 

15 Ways to Make Fall Better
Fall is by far my favorite season and this was one of my favorite posts to write. Although we are deep in the depths of winter, a lot of these tips can be carried over into other seasons. Now that it's the new year, a lot of these tips are especially relevant (like #15!)

How To Style 3 Fall Dresses With Tobi
I am really particular about the types of sponsored content and collaborations I do with brands and this was one of the few that I decided to do in 2016. This post was really special because it brought me back to my beauty and fashion blogger roots and allowed me to collaborate with one of my favorite online stores! 

How To Order Healthier At Juice Bars
I love juicing and going to specialty smoothie and juice shops to try out new things. But a lot of times smoothies can have some not-so-great ingredients or excess sugar that isn't great for your health. Here are some tips and tricks for ordering healthier at juice or smoothie bars! 

Frugal Fall Haul
I don't go shopping often, but this was one occasion where I treated myself! This haul is really special because everything I bought was under $12 and on sale! 

I hope you enjoyed this recap of the best posts of 2016! 2017 is going to bring a lot more lifestyle content. I am really interested in the wellness movement going on health-wise, so there will definitely be some posts about that along with the usual beauty, fashion, college life posts. Let me know in the comments if there are any specific posts or series you would like to see in the new year!

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