Faux Fur Everything

One of the biggest trends this winter (and every winter) is fur. I believe that fur is cruel, which is why you won't see me promote any Canada Goose or other real fur products. That being said, I love the look of faux fur and because faux fur is inherently cheaper than real fur, my wallet loves it too! Here are three ways to wear faux fur this season. This widget is shopable, so if you see something you like, click the image for more info! 

Faux Fur Vest: This is the best way to wear faux fur if you live somewhere south or west and don't experience freezing temperatures. I believe that less is more when it comes to wearing vests like these, and they're best used as a layering piece over plain, basic shirts. 

Faux Fur Trim: This is my personal favorite way to wear faux fur. The trim makes it trendy without making too big of a statement. If you get a jacket in a neutral color, this can be your go-to piece during the cold months layered over whatever else you want to wear. 

Full Faux Fur: This is the full shebang. Best reserved for fashionistas in trendy cities like NYC or LA. This can be really cute with heeled boots, jeans, and a basic shirt, but can go overboard really fast!

Let me know what you think of the faux fur trend in the comments! Also, let me know what the weather is like where you're at! It's been unusually warm here in Reno for this time of year (like mid 50s), but I know a lot of you have been dealing with snow and cold!


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