Pure Ice Nail Polish Review

Hi guys!
I recently got the Pure Ice Nail Polish in the shade "Really Royal" as well as their top coat in an Influenster box and wanted to review them for you! I also filmed a video unboxing this and a whole bunch of other makeup and lifestyle items that's on my youtube channel! 

Coat 1: You're probably looking at this and thinking "this nail polish sucks" because that's what I thought after I painted the first coat. This isn't the prettiest look, but it gets better, I promise! On the bright side, it dries really fast so you can do tons of coats in not a lot of time!

Coat 2: See! I told you it gets better! This coat was thicker than the previous one, and there was still some slight transparency, but it was 1000X better than coat 1! It didn't apply streaky, and once again it dried really fast and left a beautiful, glossy, finish. 

Coat 3: This was the third coat of the purple shade. It was thinner than coat 2 and wasn't really necessary. I just wanted to see if I could get it to full opacity (I can!) and how it would dry and layer. It dried really fast, once again, and layered beautifully with no streaking whatsoever. 

I didn't take a picture after I applied the top coat because it was just a normal clear nail polish. Overall I'm really happy with the way my nails turned out! It's been two days and they look just as good as they did when I first applied it. You can buy Pure Ice nail polishes at Walmart or Amazon, but I can't find the exact shade I used online anywhere. Let me know in the comments if you've tried anything from this brand and your thought on it because I'm so surprised and impressed!


UPDATE! It's been a full week since I applied this nail polish and it still looks super good! There's slight wear along the edges, but no major chipping! I am actually highly impressed because I'm not easy on my hands and high end polishes usually don't last this long on me! 


  1. I think this is a gorgeous color! So pretty for halloween and for fall!

  2. thanks Julie! I really like how it is a vibrant color, but still dark enough for fall! And that formula is killer! It lasted over two weeks with minimal chipping :)


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