Friday, October 14, 2016

7th Heaven Tea Tree Peel-Off Mask Review!

Hi guys!
If you've seen my Influenster Vox Box Unboxing video, you know that I got the 7th Heaven Tea Tree Peel-Off Mask. I think I've tried masks from this company before, but I've never tried this mask or a peel off mask in general. Because the mask sounded so cool and I'd never tried anything like it before, I wanted to write a review!

Before: Just a heads up, you're not going to see a huge difference between the before and after pictures. My skin has been okay. I'm on my period right now (sorry for the TMI) so my skin is slightly worse than usual, but in general, I have redness and pore troubles, but no active breakouts. 

During: So I was expecting a terrifying green mask from the packaging, but while there is a green tint, it is pretty much clear. It is a gel that you spread over your skin and let dry for around 25 minutes. It is a mask that dries, so it feels tight on your skin. It also contains tea tree, so it has a hot/cold feeling similar to icyhot. I don't know that I would recommend it if you have active breakouts because I think the tea tree could be highly irritating. 

Peeling: I was terrified to peel this mask off even though it is a "tea tree peel-off mask" because I thought it would hurt. It didn't, although I felt like I was tugging a little too much when I was peeling it off my cheeks. It did peel off completely and left no residue on my skin, which was nice. 

After: No huge differences in the way my skin looked. I originally wanted to use this to get the gunk out of my pores on my cheeks and nose, and while I think that it did a decent job of doing that, I would probably choose a clay mask next time. I like this mask and I think that it's fun for like a girls night in, but if you're planning on using this for a relaxing night, I don't know that this is the right mask. While it's drying you can definitely feel the tingling and in that sense, this mask might be better when you want to be energized instead of relaxed. 

Final thoughts: I like this mask, probably won't spend my money on it, but if someone gave it to me, I would use it. I didn't notice anything after using it, which is good because it wasn't irritating, but bad because that's 20 minutes and $2 wasted. Let me know if you've ever tried this tea tree peel-off mask or if you've tried anything else from the Montagne Jeunesse brand in the comments!

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