Monday, October 31, 2016

My Week on Instagram #42

Yikes! The last MWOI post was over a month ago! What happened! 
I've been so swamped with midterms, papers, and trying to get my academic life together, that I just haven't been posting much on social media! But I've been trying to get back into a schedule, and I actually have images to share with you in today's MWOI post. 

A photo posted by SIENNA 🐶 (@miss_sienna) on

I am obsessed with this group of stores and restaurants across from campus that are located in repurposed houses. One of the cafes there, Hub Coffee Roasters, is my absolute favorite. Last year, I went a few times, but I haven't gone this year! On Wednesday I had a particularly rough Physics test and needed a pick me up. I got an americano and spent an hour catching up on reading in a corner of the shop. The class I was reading for is Nevada Constitution (haha yes, this is a core! I wouldn't take it otherwise!) so that's what my notes are about if your curious! 

If you've missed any posts in this series, you can read all my MWOI posts here! Let me know in the comments what other blog posts or youtube videos you'd like to see for the holiday season, and follow me @miss_sienna if you want!

Friday, October 28, 2016

FRUGAL FALL HAUL: Everything Under $12!

I have been posting SO MANY hauls lately! I posted a Fall Haul a month ago when my mom was in town and we did some shopping, and I posted another when I received my Influenster vox box! I like to think of myself as a minimalist and I am so aware of my shopping, but with that being said, I have a few things to share with you! Each individual item was less than $12 and was on sale! 


Dress - Short LE Plum
This dress was originally priced as $17.90, but I got it on sale for $7! On the tag, it says that the color is "plum", but I like to think that this dress is more on the red side of the spectrum and that it's a "wine" color. Anyway, I like how the fabric is knit, so it's warm enough to wear if it's slightly chilly, but isn't too suffocating. It was on the sale rack, so I can't link it for you, but if you find it, definitely try it on because it is super flattering! 

Knit Top/LSLV Indigo

Despite spending the majority of the year in a place that experiences cold weather, I don't have very many "warm" clothes. I went shopping with one of my friends, and I kept saying that I hated how warm they keep the school buildings because you have to layer so you don't freeze outside and boil inside. This sweatshirt was originally $22.90, but I got it for $11. It's a typical navy sweatshirt, but has a really nice, warm, lining. It is a boxy style, which I love because it is universally flattering and falls super nicely. 

Forever 21 Leggings and Aeropostale Lace Bralette

Forever 21 had a huge display of their $3.90 leggings, and I actually needed another pair of gray leggings, so it seemed like a good time to get them! They also had a really cute pair of plum colored leggings that I might go back for! 
Aeropostale is closing, so everything in the store was half off! I am obsessed with bralettes, and Aero has some of my favorites, so I decided to pick one up! This doesn't fit perfectly because the band is slightly too loose and the length of the lace part is slightly short, but it looked so cute and I knew that I would wear it (because I'm very anti-bra) so I bought it for $8. 

RUE 21

Pumpkin Pie Candle
Rue 21 had a sale on their three wick candles, where if you buy one, you can get a second for $1. My friend and I split the deal, each got one candle, and paid $7. I really like the pumpkin pie one because it smells spicy and like fall without getting too heavy. My friend got the cinnamon sugar one and that smelled super good too! 

Overall, I spent less than $40 and got a bunch of things that I will be using this season and for years to come. My personal shopping philosophy is to divide the cost of an item by the number of times I wear it to get a theoretical cost/wear. I definitely think that by looking at my haul like that, it was very successful because these are all things I will wear over and over and over again.
Let me know if you've bought anything recently! And also let me know what other types of content you'd like to see for fall and winter!

Monday, October 24, 2016

Mini Makeup Haul: Max Factor, Pure Ice, and More!

A few weeks ago I got a vox box from Influenster. It was the "Pep box" and contained a bunch of items targeted towards college students. I have already reviewed the Pure Ice nail polish and the 7th Heaven peel off mask, but I wanted to share the full haul with you today!

Items Mentioned: 
Simple Makeup Wipes
Max Factor MasterpieceMax Mascara
Max Factor Masterpiece Eyeliner
Pure Ice "Really Royal" Nail Polish
Pure Ice "Lock it Down Top Coat" (Can't Find Online)
Compostable K-Cups
7th Heaven Peel

I still haven't tried the mascara and coffee yet, and I'm still trying to figure out the best way to use the eyeliner (the tip is really odd). Make sure that you're subscribed to my youtube channel because I'll be posting a lot more in the coming weeks! Also, let me know in the comments if you've tried any of these items and what your thoughts are! I'm especially interested to hear if any of you have tried out the Max Factor products!

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Pure Ice Nail Polish Review

Hi guys!
I recently got the Pure Ice Nail Polish in the shade "Really Royal" as well as their top coat in an Influenster box and wanted to review them for you! I also filmed a video unboxing this and a whole bunch of other makeup and lifestyle items that's on my youtube channel! 

Coat 1: You're probably looking at this and thinking "this nail polish sucks" because that's what I thought after I painted the first coat. This isn't the prettiest look, but it gets better, I promise! On the bright side, it dries really fast so you can do tons of coats in not a lot of time!

Coat 2: See! I told you it gets better! This coat was thicker than the previous one, and there was still some slight transparency, but it was 1000X better than coat 1! It didn't apply streaky, and once again it dried really fast and left a beautiful, glossy, finish. 

Coat 3: This was the third coat of the purple shade. It was thinner than coat 2 and wasn't really necessary. I just wanted to see if I could get it to full opacity (I can!) and how it would dry and layer. It dried really fast, once again, and layered beautifully with no streaking whatsoever. 

I didn't take a picture after I applied the top coat because it was just a normal clear nail polish. Overall I'm really happy with the way my nails turned out! It's been two days and they look just as good as they did when I first applied it. You can buy Pure Ice nail polishes at Walmart or Amazon, but I can't find the exact shade I used online anywhere. Let me know in the comments if you've tried anything from this brand and your thought on it because I'm so surprised and impressed!


UPDATE! It's been a full week since I applied this nail polish and it still looks super good! There's slight wear along the edges, but no major chipping! I am actually highly impressed because I'm not easy on my hands and high end polishes usually don't last this long on me! 

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

How to Ace Your Midterms

If you're in college, you're probably in the midst of midterm season. For me, they come in waves every couple of weeks, but I know friends that have tests weekly up until the end of the semester. Midterms are so stressful, but I have some test taking tips and study tips that will help you do well. I am a biochemistry major so the classes I'm taking tend to be math/science based, but the tips should work even if you're studying something different. 


1) Caffeinate Wisely
It can be so tempting to drink coffee, redbull, or 5 hour energy to get through a study session, but it ends up being really detrimental in the long run. It is important that you treat your brain well and sleep plays a huge role in memory and retention. Drink a coffee, but don't use it to pull an all nighter or as "sleep replacement" because it really doesn't help that much. 

2) 30/10, 45/15, 60/20
These are just three on/off times that I use, but feel free to come up with your own. With this, you are hardcore, no distractions, completely focused on school for a set amount of time, then you have a break. Use the break to get food, use the bathroom, watch youtube, and then repeat. This only works if you do it right, so make sure your phone is off or better yet, somewhere you can't see it. I have found 45/15 to be my favorite ratio, but experiment with it for yourself!

3) Location
Where you study is just as important. This is another subjective topic because everyone's different. I have one friend that cannot study in her apartment and has to go to campus to be productive, but I'm the most productive at my desk with music going on in the background. Experiment with different places, noise levels, and with having people around, and hopefully you'll find where your optimal place is. 

4) Get Help
At my school there is a lot of help available either through office hours, tutoring center, or supplemental instruction. Use whatever resources are available to you to make sure that you understand and are prepared for your tests. There is absolutely nothing wrong with getting help, especially if it will help you do well in the class. Alternatively, you could also make friends with people in your class and you could study together in a group. 


1) Do a "Once Over" when you get the exam
After you fill out your name and all the general info stuff at the beginning of the test, flip through the test and scan the pages. Do this first, before you start working on problems! It is so helpful because you can start to gauge how to manage your time (nothing worse than spending forever on multiple choice and having to rush through the short answer problems) and you can also see what types of problems there are. After I do this, I generally just go back to the front of the test and work through it from front to back, but if you're in a writing heavy class and have a long essay to do, it might be worthwhile to start with that. 

2) Manage Anxiety
If you suffer from testing anxiety, or if you are just nervous, make sure that you keep those feelings in check. Focus on your breathing, think positive thoughts, and take it problem by problem. It's also extremely dorky, but ever since high school I've written myself positive affirmations on my tests or cheat sheets. For example, on my physics midterm I wrote "you got this!" super big on the bottom of my cheat sheet. It may sound stupid, but sometimes you just need to see something like that. 

3) Skip Questions
If you don't know how to answer a question within the first 30 seconds of reading it, skip it and come back to it later. The 30 seconds is arbitrary, but if you know how to do it, you should know instantly, and staring at it won't make you remember how to do it. It is so much better to answer the questions you know how to do correctly than it is to spend so much time on a question you don't know how to do and have to rush through everything else. 

4) Checking Answers
I am a huge believer in taking time to check answers when you finish a test. A lot of time the first answer you put down is the correct one, so unless you know for sure that you made a mistake and that another answer is the correct one, don't change your answer. What you're checking for here are computation errors (either you do the math wrong or write the wrong sig figs...), reading errors (didn't answer the question), or you're going back to answer a question you skipped the first time around. 

These are the tips that I use when studying. I am one of those people that actually *gasp* tries in school and I do spend a lot of time prepping for midterms, but that's because doing well is important for my future goals. Definitely feel free to alter these tips to better suit your needs, and let me know your studying/test taking tips in the comments!

Friday, October 14, 2016

7th Heaven Tea Tree Peel-Off Mask Review!

Hi guys!
If you've seen my Influenster Vox Box Unboxing video, you know that I got the 7th Heaven Tea Tree Peel-Off Mask. I think I've tried masks from this company before, but I've never tried this mask or a peel off mask in general. Because the mask sounded so cool and I'd never tried anything like it before, I wanted to write a review!

Before: Just a heads up, you're not going to see a huge difference between the before and after pictures. My skin has been okay. I'm on my period right now (sorry for the TMI) so my skin is slightly worse than usual, but in general, I have redness and pore troubles, but no active breakouts. 

During: So I was expecting a terrifying green mask from the packaging, but while there is a green tint, it is pretty much clear. It is a gel that you spread over your skin and let dry for around 25 minutes. It is a mask that dries, so it feels tight on your skin. It also contains tea tree, so it has a hot/cold feeling similar to icyhot. I don't know that I would recommend it if you have active breakouts because I think the tea tree could be highly irritating. 

Peeling: I was terrified to peel this mask off even though it is a "tea tree peel-off mask" because I thought it would hurt. It didn't, although I felt like I was tugging a little too much when I was peeling it off my cheeks. It did peel off completely and left no residue on my skin, which was nice. 

After: No huge differences in the way my skin looked. I originally wanted to use this to get the gunk out of my pores on my cheeks and nose, and while I think that it did a decent job of doing that, I would probably choose a clay mask next time. I like this mask and I think that it's fun for like a girls night in, but if you're planning on using this for a relaxing night, I don't know that this is the right mask. While it's drying you can definitely feel the tingling and in that sense, this mask might be better when you want to be energized instead of relaxed. 

Final thoughts: I like this mask, probably won't spend my money on it, but if someone gave it to me, I would use it. I didn't notice anything after using it, which is good because it wasn't irritating, but bad because that's 20 minutes and $2 wasted. Let me know if you've ever tried this tea tree peel-off mask or if you've tried anything else from the Montagne Jeunesse brand in the comments!

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Fall Fashion Wishlist With StyleWe

Hi guys!
I've been doing so many fall fashion posts lately (like how to style three dresses for fall), and I have another one today! StyleWe is a website that I just discovered and I thought I'd share some of the pieces I've been eyeing with you! I've never bought anything from them, but if you have, let me know what you've gotten in the comments! 

Camel is one of those colors that is so quintessentially fall, yet I don't have any of it in my wardrobe! I like how this sweater is oversized, but still looks feminine. The boxiness of it is also super chic and lets you wear it with tighter bottoms such as skinny jeans or leggings! 

Another sweater that I am absolutely obsessed with! I like how the hem is high low so you could wear leggings with it, and the sleeves are so different from anything I have ever seen before! This is super cute for running errands, going to school, or work, but I could also see this as a really nice warm sweater for when you're just lounging around the house. StyleWe has a lot of really nice loose tops and tunics, which are my favorite style to wear during the fall! 

Fun fact: my favorite color is yellow. I adore mustard for the fall, and this is a nice dress style for this time of year because it looks just as good layered over leggings as it does by itself! You could also wear it with a pair of booties or even thigh high boots and it would look incredible too! StyleWe has a large selection of yellow star dresses and a whole bunch of other styles perfect for the fall! 

Lastly, I had to finish it off with a bag! I wear black, navy, or shades of gray pretty much all day everyday, so I love a pop of color with my outfits. This bag looks like the perfect size to hold all of my things and would give such a nice pop of color to any outfit! It's also red, which means you could use this bag as your daily one all the way through the winter! 

I hope you enjoyed this post! Let me know if you've tried anything from StyleWe or if you're eyeing anything on the site! Also, leave me a comment letting me know what types of blog posts or videos you would like to see in the future!

Saturday, October 8, 2016

Organize Your Life in a Weekend

This weekend was a mess, but in the best way. I purposely kept this weekend completely unscheduled so I could stay in my apartment and completely organize my life. Did I actually organize my entire life in a weekend? Probably not. But I did take time to organize different aspects of my life that are going to make life so much easier in the future. Here's a few things I did to organize my life in a weekend. 

Source: StudyKouffe

1) Plan
I am an avid planner user, and this step would have been done regardless of my plans for the weekend, but it makes all the difference. Sometime over the weekend I like to go into my planner and physically write all the due dates for assignments, social plans, and general life tasks (like laundry or cooking) that I want to do for the week. I also keep a running to-do list on my whiteboard, and I meal plan in a separate journal. By taking a half hour or so to plan out my week, I make life so much easier for my future self by knowing what I need to do and when I need to do it. 

2) Clean
Ideally, everyone would clean once a week, but sometime's that's just not possible. I vacuumed my room and deep cleaned my bathroom. Along the same lines as this step is putting things away. While cleaning, if I ever found something out of place I would make a conscious effort to try and put it back in its home to cut down on the clutter. 

3) Do That Thing
"That Thing" is going to be different for everyone, but it's the one thing that you know would be super helpful if you did, but you just can't get yourself to do it. My "thing" was making a spreadsheet of all the classes I need to take for my major so I could accurately plan the next three years. It took a full three and a half hours and by the end of it I was so over it, but it really helped me organize my life. Your "thing" might be something related to your work, or your personal finance, or your family, but you should suck it up and get it done. You'll seriously save so much time in the future by just getting it done in one sitting, and if your "thing" is similar to mine, it's nice to have something to reference when planning for the future. 

4) Tackle the Mess
I literally just moved into my apartment, so I don't really have a "mess" yet, but if you have an area of your home that you are unhappy with, make a change! Go through everything and either trash it, sell it, give it away, or find it a home. A weekend isn't a long enough time to do your entire house, unless you're extremely motivated or your house is small, but get as much as you can done. 

These were the big things that I did this weekend to organize my life. If you don't have a full weekend to spend on this, feel free to break it up into smaller chunks and spread it out over a week or month. By far, the best thing that I did from this list was making that hellish spreadsheet of the courses needed for my major. It was so time consuming, but I know will make life easier when I need to meet with my advisors or enroll in courses for future semesters. Let me know in the comments what your tips and tricks are for organizing your life!

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Collective Fall Haul: Bath and Body Works, Tobi, Skechers, and Gap!

I've been on a no-buy for the past few months, partially because I'm frugal as heck, and partially because I've been a minimalist since I've been moving so much. My mom was in Reno a few weeks ago, so we did some shopping at the factory outlets. I have bought more things that day than I have in probably the last six months. But on the bright side, I have a fun collective fall haul to share with you!

Products Mentioned:
I've already worn or used everything that I showed in this haul at least once, so I can safely say that everything bought has its place in my "minimalist" lifestyle. If you want to see how I styled the three different Tobi dresses, you can check out this post where I style the dresses for Fall. Let me know in the comments what other fall themed posts or videos you would like to see in the future and I'll be sure to do them!

Saturday, October 1, 2016

The Best Fall Teas

Happy October!
The weather is still warm, although it's supposed to cool in the coming weeks, but that hasn't stopped me from drinking copious amounts of tea. If you are a tea aficionado, like myself, or if you're looking for something new to drink, here are some of the best fall teas. 

Loose leaf tea is such a game changer! My mom brought me a teavana perfect tea maker, a bag of rock sugar, and a tea tin when she visited me in September, and I immediately ordered this tea online (why doesn't Reno have a teavana?!?!) It is sweeter and fruitier than the really heavy, spicy, chai teas that I usually drink, but it is really great. This is a tea that I could drink iced or hot during any season. Let's also take a minute to talk about how cool teas look when they're not bagged!

The downside of loose leaf tea is having to clean the strainer or tea ball when you're done steeping the tea. Tea bags are good for lazy days when I don't want to do more dishes than absolutely necessary. This chai is different from the first one because it is more traditional, less fruity, and way more spicy. I like to drink this one hot with a splash of almond milk and a little bit of sugar. 

I like to drink the other two chai teas like tea, with just the smallest amount of milk in it. If I want a good chai latte, this is what I use instead of trying to make my own. My roommate has a couple tins of powder in the pantry and let me try it out, and it is so good. All it takes for a perfect latte is a couple of spoonfuls of powder mixed into a cup of hot water, and I am obsessed. 

This is the only fall tea that I've been drinking that isn't a chai tea! I really like genmai tea because it has a greater depth of flavor than the typical green tea due to the toasted rice mixed with it. Sometimes I fill up my hydroflask with genmai tea before heading to class when it's cold outside. 

Let me know in the comments what your favorite fall teas are. I love fall and have already done a post on styling fall dresses, but I have plenty more autumnal posts coming in the future!