Best Sustainability Blogs

Every couple of months I become super inspired and want to reduce my carbon footprint and be green. This is one of those months. The other day a youtube video about zero waste guru Lauren Singer popped up in my youtube suggestions, which started my kick. Here are four of my favorite blogs about being greener and more sustainable. 

This is my newest blog obsession. The photography on this blog is always on point and the content is always a great mix of ideas on how to reduce waste and some out of the box ideas on how she lives minimally. 

This is seriously the OG blog for me! It's written by Lauren Singer who has produced less than a quart sized mason jar of trash in the past three years. She has a whole bunch of hacks for living less wastefully and she makes really quick youtube videos too. Also, if you have 8 minutes to kill, this video that MSNBC did on her is incredible. 

Bea is actually the most inspiring person and is such a pioneer when it comes to waste reduction. Her blog is different than the other two because it has fewer tips on transitioning (although she wrote an entire book on that), and it's more about how she maintains her lifestyle when she travels. 

This is not at all an environmental blog, but minimalism at its core is consuming less, which ties in to sustainability. I found these guys around a year ago and have listened to their podcasts religiously for a few months. Minimalism isn't for everyone, but the way they present it isn't at all intimidating and makes a lot of sense. 

Let me know in the comments if you read any of these blogs or if you have any recommendations for me! 


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