Monday, August 29, 2016

My Week on Instagram #39

This week was so hectic with me flying back up to Reno and moving in to my new apartment. I am seriously trying to post more both on the blog, youtube, and instagram, but my wifi was spotty the past five or so days. Today's post is a MWOI! For any of you newbies, this is my weekly series where I go behind the scenes on a week's worth of instagram posts. This one's going to be short and sweet!

A photo posted by SIENNA 🦄 (@miss_sienna) on

I flew out of Hawaii on wednesday, and I posted this as sort of a farewell picture. The palm trees were photographed outside of my mom's office downtown and not at the beach like you probably think! This is also one of my more edited pictures, but I am working on revamping my instagram theme, so hopefully it will fit in with everything in the long run!
Leave a comment letting me know in the comment how you spent your week! Also, my instagram is @miss_sienna if you'd like to follow me!

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