Thursday, June 9, 2016

You Are the Average of the 10 People Closest to You

Jim Rohn once said, "you're the average of the five people you spend most of your time with." That saying has followed me through life, and has become more important as I age and realize what my values are. While I completely agree with Jim's statement, I expand the radius to include the ten people closest to me. Closest meaning I either talk to them often or have strong, meaningful relationships with these people even if I don't see or spend time with them often. 

I often talk about this subject with one of my friends. We had a toxic friend in our life (well, I found her toxic, others may or may not agree) and I was debating cutting her out. I used this saying when trying to explain why I felt so strongly that I needed to get this person out of my life, because I wholeheartedly believed that this toxic friend was one of my ten people and I couldn't stand it. As the conversation progressed, she asked me if I could point out the ten people closest to me. I can (and will later in this post), but she couldn't or maybe didn't want to. 

And it's HARD. Trying to rank people is hard. It doesn't make it any easier when you have different groupings of people like friends, classmates, family, work... and all of a sudden you need to rank all these people together in one list. But you must. Without realizing it, you could be surrounding yourself with people that drag you down with negativity and stifle your light. In my list, there are people that don't make it that probably should. For example on mine, I leave off a lot of people that probably should be on the list. But that's okay, this list is solely for you. You're not devaluing anyone by leaving them off of your list of ten people. You are just trying to understand the people that have the biggest impact on you as a person. 

This list will change as you grow. It would be an even larger issue if your list didn't change. I want to challenge you to take half an hour out of your day sometime this week to make a list for yourself. It will be incredibly eye opening and you may realize that you're going to need to make changes in your life. That's okay. That's good. That's growth. Let me know in the comments if you've made your list, and what you've learned from it! For me, the first time I made my list I realized how many drainbows and toxic people I held so close to me, so I took action and began to distance myself from them. You truly are the average of the ten people closest to you, so surround yourself with only the best, brightest, people that will push you to be greater than you are. 

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