Healthy Coffee Shop Swaps

When you want to meet someone, where do you go? To get coffee. Coffee is life. Yet coffee might not be the best for our health. When you load your coffee with syrups and sugar, your coffee can change from being a 5 calorie cup to over 100. Here are some easy coffee shop swaps that can help keep you healthy. 

1) Alternative Milks
A lot of people are sensitive to lactose or have some form of lactose intolerance. And the thing is, most people that are lactose intolerance don't realize it. By switching to another milk (soy or coconut if you're at starbucks, maybe almond if you're elsewhere) you can save yourself some of the bloating and discomfort that comes with dairy. Dairy has also been linked to acne in some people, so by switching your daily latte to a soy latte, you can clear your skin. 

2) Real Sugar
A lot of people gravitate towards the zero calorie sweeteners at coffee shops so they can lower their calorie intake. I suggest going with the full sugar syrup instead because it's natural. Your body runs on glucose (sugar), so we need to stop thinking of sugar as a bad thing. I don't believe that fake sugar gives you cancer (contrary to what some believe) and there hasn't been any proven consequences of fake sugar except that in some people, it makes them more likely to binge on sugary foods later in the day. Don't trick yourself with this zero calorie nonsense, if you want a mocha, treat yourself and get a real-sugar mocha. 

3) Size Down
If you're at Starbucks, maybe get a tall instead of a veinti. You'll be saving yourself calories and fat, but you'll also be lowering your caffeine intake. Caffeine is a psychoactive drug, so treat it as such. If you're going to be using tip one at Starbucks, I might suggest getting a veinti of whatever drink you want with soy or coconut milk, and saving half for the next day. Starbucks charges $.60 when you sub plant milk regardless of size, so it is most cost efficient to buy a large one and split it over the next few days. If you're at a local coffee shop, you might not have a choice of size. But at these places, a normal size is around 12-16 ounces, which is like a tall-grande. As long as you're not going for the massive caffeine hits, you should be good! 

Coffee is such a personal thing, and I would never want to tell you how to get your drink. These are just three tips that I use whenever I'm at a coffee shop so I can stay feeling my best. Before all of this, remember that coffee and caffeine is not, and should not, be a replacement for sleep. Take care of yourself and then treat yourself with a coffee every now and again. Let me know how you stay healthy at Starbucks or other coffee shops in the comments!


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