Thursday, May 5, 2016

5 Things I'll Miss About Dorming

The semester is coming to an end, and I've been packing like crazy. While there are a lot of downsides about living in a dorm (cramped quarters, shared spaces...) there are also benefits. Here are the five things I'll miss most about dorming next year when I'm living in an off campus apartment. 

1) Proximity to EVERYTHING
The dorm that I'm in is right across the street from campus, the dining hall, and a new group of restaurants/cafes. If I want food at night, it's only a two minute walk. If I want to sleep in, I can, because class is only a ten minute walk away at max. If I want to go back to the room during an hour break, I can without feeling like I'm wasting an hour. 

2) Socializing
Sure the complex I'll be at next year is all students and a lot of the same people that live in my dorm now, but it'll be different. Here, you're constantly bumping in to people. Also, there's usually a program or two put on each week by the RA's so free food and friends? Yes, please. 

3) Academic Resources
The school that I go to is really good about giving students the tools they need to succeed. There is a academic mentor RA that has scheduled hours in case you need help with something. There's also study rooms that make it super easy to get stuff done in a nice environment. 

4) It's Easy
When you're dorming you have very few responsibilities. You don't need to cook, you only have to clean your room, and you only really need to go to the mandatory meetings once a month. This is stress free living at it's finest and gives you plenty of time to "study" (aka party) all you want. 

5) Knowing What's Going On
In my dorm there's always tons of flyers for different events and fundraisers posted on the walls or stuck under doors. It's nice knowing what's going on and what kind of speakers, barbecues, and events are happening on campus. Sure, these flyers are everywhere, but the odds of me taking the time to read them on a random bulletin board before class? Very small. 

For me, I'm so glad to be moving out. I won't do a whole post about that because it'll be really long, but mostly because I'm an early sleeper and riser, so it'll be nice being able to sleep in the dark (sometimes my roommates leave the light on because they're doing stuff) and it'll be nice to get ready without worrying about being too loud. Dorm life is interesting. It's an experience, and something that I don't regret (I mean, I had to dorm so it's not like I had a choice). Let me know in the comments if you dormed in college and what your experience was like!

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