Saturday, April 9, 2016

Spring Break Pictures (San Francisco)

Hi guys! 
This post is the second set of pictures from spring break! I already posted a video of my adventures here and all my pictures of Portland are here if you want to see them! Lastly, before we get in to this, I have a travel blog that I've been posting on a ton here! 

We stayed at the Hilton in the Financial District when we were in San Francisco and it was incredible! This was the view from our room and it was absolutely, insanely gorgeous! 

We went to Fisherman's Wharf (haha I know it's touristy, judge me) for a little bit and ended up taking a spur of the moment boat tour of the bay. It was only $15 and took us under the golden gate bridge and around alcatraz! 

When at Fisherman's Wharf we ate lunch at the Codmother, which was crazy good! For my full review, click here! 

We also stopped by Ghirardelli for a little bit, but we didn't get a chance to get ice cream, which I'm still just a little salty about. 

Yay you made it to the end of this post! I know it's not nearly as long as the last one, but I was in portland for 4 days and San Francisco for less than 2. Let me know where your favorite place to travel to is! I used to love San Francisco, but when I was there this time it was a little to crowded for my liking. I think that my favorite place to travel to has got to be Maui or Kauai or something a little less urban. 


  1. I've always wanted to visit San francisco!! So jealous xx

  2. It's definitely a great place to visit! If you ever end up going, I highly recommend taking a boat tour of the bay!

  3. Ahhh San Fran is one of my must go-to places! xx

  4. yessss! it's always so nice there!