Spring Break Pictures (Portland)

Hi guys!
I am working on a spring break video full of little clips and pictures that I took while I was on my trip, but I wanted to write a post as well kind of giving an overview of my trip. This post and the next one (on San Francisco) are going to be a little bit about what I did and a lot of pictures! The video coming soon will be video clips, and if you want more info on any of the food places/touristy stuff, I'm going to be posting on my travel blog a lot! Here we go!

I was in Portland for around four days. I flew in late Saturday night and flew out Thursday morning, so there were four days for me to actually do things. The weather in Portland was meh. I mean it was rainy, which was expected, but not anything super nice or comfortable to be in. Honestly, I wasn't a huge fan of the weather and it makes me glad I didn't go to college in Oregon!

We went to Voodoo Doughnuts, which was incredible and delicious! I got the Dirty Old Bastard, which was amazing (and the name is fabulous too!) Let's also take a moment to appreciate the glitter walls because that was so rad. 

We went to the Moda to see a minor league hockey game. Never saw hockey before this, but strangely enough enjoyed it. I think it's because of all the hitting and body checking. 

We went to the Chinese gardens, which was amazing. Everything was so beautiful and I was so obsessed with the ground because there were stones laid out everywhere and such immaculate attention to detail. 

Kure was one of my favorite places! I love a good juice bar, and this was especially great!

We went back to the Moda to see a Trailblazers vs Mavericks NBA game. It was so fun! We also randomly got free Game of Thrones DVDs because we were shown on the Jumbotron/TV and we got some incredible ice cream as well! 

This was hands down some of the best pizza I've ever eaten! I ate practically the whole 12" pizza myself! But I got mine with vegan cheese, so I didn't feel as guilty for it!

I'm not usually a huge waffle person, but this place made specialty waffles that were to die for! I got the blueberry cheesecake one and it was so yummy. I felt like I was eating dessert for brunch, which was awesome! 

We also ended up going to Washington Park, shopping in Pioneer square, the Portland Art Museum, and other stuff, but these were pretty much the highlights! The food was definitely the best part about this segment of the trip! Also, we got sushi during happy hour at this place near Chinatown and the specialty plates were $2 and it was amazing (I don't know why I felt the need to share that, but I did!)

Part 2 of this will be coming soon with pictures from the San Francisco portion of the trip! I was in Portland for 4 days and San Francisco for only 2, so hopefully that post is a little shorter than this one! If you made it to the end, thank you! Let me know what you think of it in the comments and what you like about Portland if you've ever visited! Also go ahead and check out my travel blog for the names of the restaurants and my full thoughts on them! 


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