Monday, April 18, 2016

My Week on Instagram #26

Hi guys!
Last week's MWOI post was really short (only one picture!) and this week is going to be the same! I haven't really been posting on instagram or anywhere because I've been so busy with school as the semester is starting to wrap up. Anyways, if you're new here, this is a weekly series I do that gives a behind the scenes look at my instagram posts! Without further adieu, let's get in to this!

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Thursday 4/14:
On Thursday after I was done with class I got coffee with one of my friends that I met last summer at orientation. Although we go to the same college, we really hadn't talked in a while, so I suggested we hit up the new(ish) coffee shop right across the street! Yes, I'm aware this is not the most pretty picture, but I was carrying a lot of stuff upstairs and I might have spilt just a little bit! Also, I definitely thought it was a good idea to drink some first before taking a picture (thus messing up the art)... Regardless, this was hands down the best mocha I've had in a really long time (and it was made with almond milk!), and Hub is going to become my new study spot for sure. 
*Also, while talking to my friend he said that he's taking a meat science class? Like isn't that so strange? College is weird. 

So that's it for this weeks post! Let me know in the comments what types of posts/videos you'd like to see! I already got a request to do a college update, and it's definitely in the works, but probably won't be up until after the semester is over (like 3 weeks or so)!

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