Thursday, April 28, 2016

Bethany Mota Gives Bad Diet Advice!

Bethany Mota uploaded a new video called "5 Easy Ways to be Healthier" today. A lot of beauty gurus and people give diet advice, which can sometimes be concerning, but in todays video one of her tips was downright dangerous. Her fourth tip was to spice up your water by adding liquid chlorophyll. 

Let's start off with what chlorophyll actually is. It is found in the chloroplast of plants because it is needed for plants to perform photosynthesis. Humans do not produce chloroplast, but we consume it when we eat any greens. Is chlorophyll necessary for health? Nope. Are there side effects with consuming excess chlorophyll? Yes. 

Chlorophyll is *for the most part* non-toxic (more on that later), but a major side effect is that it can make your skin more sensitive to light and can cause problems if mixed with other photosynthesizing drugs. 

The thing is that chlorophyll can be very dangerous. It is a supplement, which here in the United States, is an unregulated industry. It is not regulated by the FDA, the USDA, or anything. That means that what you think is chlorophyll can actually end up being green food coloring or something more dangerous. The supplement industry is so screwed up that the government won't look in to companies and products unless they receive complaints, so you could be taking something toxic or ineffective, and you wouldn't even know it. 

Bethany says that it gives her more energy, but that could definitely be placebo. There are not a lot of studies about chlorophyll in humans, and even if there is a correlation between energy and supplementing, that does not mean causation, so it's hard to determine if there is an actual link. She also says that it supplies oxygen for your blood. That doesn't even make sense biologically because all oxygen supplied to the bloodstream is given through alveoli in your lungs (aka breathing). A lot of people say that chlorophyll helps you produce more red blood cells, but that is scientifically unproven. If you really want to create more red blood cells make sure you have good iron and b12 levels because those are actually needed for hemoglobin production. 

It really sucks how people can give bad diet advice, especially to young girls and people that don't know better. You absolutely do not need to supplement chlorophyll, and you really shouldn't be supplementing anything except B12 (most people are deficient) unless your doctor tells you otherwise. Let me know in the comments what your thoughts are on youtubers and bloggers giving health advice like this. It's so common, but it can really be incredibly dangerous at the same time. 


  1. I would just say that in the case of sharing ay type of diet type advice you should either be a professional or either consult a professional who can vouch for what you are saying. I also agree that taking that is not necessary and could have serious adverse affects, especially on young women! GREAT POST Sisi!

  2. thanks Julie! I think that the thing that bothered me too was that she wasn't saying what works for her, she was phrasing it like it would work for everyone and that it was a tip that everyone should use, which is so dangerous!

  3. I totally agree with you and Julie! It's definitely concerning cause she has a huge following with many younger viewers that look up to her...yikes! :/

    Yours Truly, NY

  4. I know! It's such a weird piece of advice too! Like if you're eating well and getting enough sleep you shouldn't need a supplement to give you energy!