Saturday, April 30, 2016

Chokers are the New Flower Crowns

Hey guys!
Taylor Swift has said "chokers are the new flower crowns" on her instagram, and I couldn't agree more! If you've seen any of my spring break pictures (click here!) you would've seen me wearing my black choker non-stop! Chokers are definitely a trend that I can get behind, so here are 9 of my favorites! All of this is shopable, so click on an image to purchase (and all are under $50!). 

Friday, April 29, 2016

Is the University of Washington Objectifying Women?

This picture has been making waves on the internet over the past few days. It is so controversial because some believe that it objectifies women. I was a cheerleader for five years, so I look at this a little bit differently and I thought I would share my opinions with you. 

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Bethany Mota Gives Bad Diet Advice!

Bethany Mota uploaded a new video called "5 Easy Ways to be Healthier" today. A lot of beauty gurus and people give diet advice, which can sometimes be concerning, but in todays video one of her tips was downright dangerous. Her fourth tip was to spice up your water by adding liquid chlorophyll. 

Let's start off with what chlorophyll actually is. It is found in the chloroplast of plants because it is needed for plants to perform photosynthesis. Humans do not produce chloroplast, but we consume it when we eat any greens. Is chlorophyll necessary for health? Nope. Are there side effects with consuming excess chlorophyll? Yes. 

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Cute, Cheap, Sunglasses? Yes, Please!

There are few things I love more than a good pair of mirrored sunglasses! When Firmoo reached out to me and offered me a pair to try for myself, I happily picked out this amazing pair of pink mirrored cat eyed sunnies! Sunglasses are one of those things where it's hard to find a good middle ground. Sure, there are cheap retailers like H&M and Forever 21, but while those pairs might be trendy, they never really feel sturdy. On the other hand there are companies like Oakley and Ray Ban that are really great quality, but incredibly expensive! I think that Firmoo fits the middle ground here. 

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

My Week on Instagram #27

Hi guys!
It's Monday, so it's time for my MWOI post! This week was lighter on posts as well, but I honestly think I'm just getting too busy to post regularly right now! Hopefully that all changes once finals is done in a couple weeks! Anyways, here we go!

Friday, April 22, 2016

3 Unique & Effective Ways to Go Green

Happy Earth Day everyone!
Earth Day is great because it puts the environment in the forefront of our minds. For one day, instagram is filled with beautiful nature pictures and everyone talks about "conserving water" or "walking instead of driving". While those are great tips, they're a little "been there, done that." Here are three tips that will help save the animals, ourselves, and our planet. 

1) Reduce Animal Consumption
Animal agriculture is the number one cause of climate change. People talk about how greenhouse gas emissions are caused by transportation, but animal agriculture accounts for 18% of total greenhouse gas emissions, which is more than all transportation combined. Animal agriculture is also seriously devastating to the environment because it takes a lot of natural resources like water and feed to get an animal large enough to eat. 2,500 gallons of water is needed to produce 1lb of meat. I'm guessing that most Americans eat a lot more that 1lb of meat in a week. I'm not saying to go vegan, but consider reducing the amount of animal products that you consume both internally and externally. If you want more information you can watch Cowspiracy on Netflix or you can look at more facts here. 

2) Stop Using Microbeads
Microbeads are in everything from toothpaste to face cleansers and hand soaps. They're touted as an exfoliant, but they are so much worse. They are actually these little plastic beads that can't be filtered out by our sewer systems. They end up in the oceans where they absorb pollutants. Then they're eaten by fish and the toxins are magnified as you go higher up the food chain (similarly to how mercury accumulates in large fish). Microbeads are seriously so unnecessary and so devastating to the environment. Companies are supposed to start phasing them out, but if you want to dispose of them yourself, make sure you throw them away and don't empty them down any drain. 

3) Stop Using Plastic Bags
When you're grocery shopping, try bringing your own bags instead of having them bag your items in plastic ones. It's a lot better for the environment because plastic never decomposes and in the ocean, plastic bags look like jellyfish so sea turtles eat them and die. Also, if you're in Hawaii or some other city/state with a plastic bag ban, be aware that some places (ahem walmart) will give you thicker plastic bags and say they're "reusable." It's just their way to get around the law and is actually way worse for the environment because it takes more resources to produce and takes longer to break down. 

These are all really easy ways to go green for life. It is so easy to stop using microbeads and plastic bags and by doing those two things, you are already making a huge difference. Try educate yourself on the environmental impact of animal agriculture. Even if you decide to still eat meat (I am very much an omnivore still), at least you know the impact you have on the environment. By going meatless one day of the week, you're saving thousands of gallons of water and are making a larger difference than you'd ever know. Let me know how you go green in your life in the comments!

Monday, April 18, 2016

My Week on Instagram #26

Hi guys!
Last week's MWOI post was really short (only one picture!) and this week is going to be the same! I haven't really been posting on instagram or anywhere because I've been so busy with school as the semester is starting to wrap up. Anyways, if you're new here, this is a weekly series I do that gives a behind the scenes look at my instagram posts! Without further adieu, let's get in to this!

A photo posted by SIENNA ☄ (@miss_sienna) on

Thursday 4/14:
On Thursday after I was done with class I got coffee with one of my friends that I met last summer at orientation. Although we go to the same college, we really hadn't talked in a while, so I suggested we hit up the new(ish) coffee shop right across the street! Yes, I'm aware this is not the most pretty picture, but I was carrying a lot of stuff upstairs and I might have spilt just a little bit! Also, I definitely thought it was a good idea to drink some first before taking a picture (thus messing up the art)... Regardless, this was hands down the best mocha I've had in a really long time (and it was made with almond milk!), and Hub is going to become my new study spot for sure. 
*Also, while talking to my friend he said that he's taking a meat science class? Like isn't that so strange? College is weird. 

So that's it for this weeks post! Let me know in the comments what types of posts/videos you'd like to see! I already got a request to do a college update, and it's definitely in the works, but probably won't be up until after the semester is over (like 3 weeks or so)!

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Cheap Body Chains for Festival Season

Within the past couple years, body chains have been gaining momentum. They are so chic and sexy, especially when worn with bikinis, plunging necklines, or crop tops. This trend is especially great for festival season and has been seen on all major fashion influencers! The good news is that all of the ones I picked out are less than $25 and many are less than $10! 

I've yet to get my hands on a body chain, but it's definitely on my wishlist for this summer! Let me know what trends you're loving for festival season in the comments, and remember you can click on an image for more info about that item!

Monday, April 11, 2016

My Week on Instagram #25

Hey guys!
This week was really light on Instagram posts (only 1!), so this should be a quick read! If you're new here, this is the weekly series where I share behind the scenes info on my Instagram pictures! You can check out all of the previous posts here! 

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Sunday: 4/10/16
This picture is of my brother, sister and I. I'm not quite sure when we took this picture (it's been at least a year since we took it), but it was taken at the park near my house because we wanted to take some family pictures for Christmas cards. I posted this because it was international sibling day on Sunday and everyone was posting sibling pictures and I needed to jump on the bandwagon :P

So that's it for this post! It's short and sweet this week! Let me know in the comments what posts or videos you'd like to see in the future!

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Spring Break Pictures (San Francisco)

Hi guys! 
This post is the second set of pictures from spring break! I already posted a video of my adventures here and all my pictures of Portland are here if you want to see them! Lastly, before we get in to this, I have a travel blog that I've been posting on a ton here! 

We stayed at the Hilton in the Financial District when we were in San Francisco and it was incredible! This was the view from our room and it was absolutely, insanely gorgeous! 

We went to Fisherman's Wharf (haha I know it's touristy, judge me) for a little bit and ended up taking a spur of the moment boat tour of the bay. It was only $15 and took us under the golden gate bridge and around alcatraz! 

When at Fisherman's Wharf we ate lunch at the Codmother, which was crazy good! For my full review, click here! 

We also stopped by Ghirardelli for a little bit, but we didn't get a chance to get ice cream, which I'm still just a little salty about. 

Yay you made it to the end of this post! I know it's not nearly as long as the last one, but I was in portland for 4 days and San Francisco for less than 2. Let me know where your favorite place to travel to is! I used to love San Francisco, but when I was there this time it was a little to crowded for my liking. I think that my favorite place to travel to has got to be Maui or Kauai or something a little less urban. 

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Spring Break Pictures (Portland)

Hi guys!
I am working on a spring break video full of little clips and pictures that I took while I was on my trip, but I wanted to write a post as well kind of giving an overview of my trip. This post and the next one (on San Francisco) are going to be a little bit about what I did and a lot of pictures! The video coming soon will be video clips, and if you want more info on any of the food places/touristy stuff, I'm going to be posting on my travel blog a lot! Here we go!

I was in Portland for around four days. I flew in late Saturday night and flew out Thursday morning, so there were four days for me to actually do things. The weather in Portland was meh. I mean it was rainy, which was expected, but not anything super nice or comfortable to be in. Honestly, I wasn't a huge fan of the weather and it makes me glad I didn't go to college in Oregon!

We went to Voodoo Doughnuts, which was incredible and delicious! I got the Dirty Old Bastard, which was amazing (and the name is fabulous too!) Let's also take a moment to appreciate the glitter walls because that was so rad. 

We went to the Moda to see a minor league hockey game. Never saw hockey before this, but strangely enough enjoyed it. I think it's because of all the hitting and body checking. 

We went to the Chinese gardens, which was amazing. Everything was so beautiful and I was so obsessed with the ground because there were stones laid out everywhere and such immaculate attention to detail. 

Kure was one of my favorite places! I love a good juice bar, and this was especially great!

We went back to the Moda to see a Trailblazers vs Mavericks NBA game. It was so fun! We also randomly got free Game of Thrones DVDs because we were shown on the Jumbotron/TV and we got some incredible ice cream as well! 

This was hands down some of the best pizza I've ever eaten! I ate practically the whole 12" pizza myself! But I got mine with vegan cheese, so I didn't feel as guilty for it!

I'm not usually a huge waffle person, but this place made specialty waffles that were to die for! I got the blueberry cheesecake one and it was so yummy. I felt like I was eating dessert for brunch, which was awesome! 

We also ended up going to Washington Park, shopping in Pioneer square, the Portland Art Museum, and other stuff, but these were pretty much the highlights! The food was definitely the best part about this segment of the trip! Also, we got sushi during happy hour at this place near Chinatown and the specialty plates were $2 and it was amazing (I don't know why I felt the need to share that, but I did!)

Part 2 of this will be coming soon with pictures from the San Francisco portion of the trip! I was in Portland for 4 days and San Francisco for only 2, so hopefully that post is a little shorter than this one! If you made it to the end, thank you! Let me know what you think of it in the comments and what you like about Portland if you've ever visited! Also go ahead and check out my travel blog for the names of the restaurants and my full thoughts on them! 

Monday, April 4, 2016

My Week on Instagram #24

This marks the start of month 6 of MWOI posts! If you've missed any of the previous ones, or would like to read more, you can click here to see them all! Last week was so heavy on instagram pictures, so we're slowing it down a little bit! Here's the behind the scenes on my instagram pictures posted this week!

A photo posted by SIENNA ☄ (@miss_sienna) on

Tuesday 3/29/16
This picture was taken over spring break when I was on a boat tour of the San Francisco bay! The water was so choppy and by the end of it, I was soaked (and had a pretty bad sunburn!) I posted this on Tuesday because I wanted to post more pictures from Spring Break, and I love the white water splash in this one!

Friday 4/1/16
So I think the caption for this says it all, but my dad was in Sacramento for another work conference and we met up so we could spend some time over the weekend together. He drove to pick me up from Reno, then we drove back to Sacramento together so we could see the Kings vs. Heat game (it only got good near the end!) and then we spent all Saturday together before doing the same drive to take me back to Reno. 

A photo posted by SIENNA ☄ (@miss_sienna) on

Saturday 4/2/16
This was taken on the drive over the I-80 back to Reno! The drive goes through the Tahoe National Forest, which is always so gorgeous, and even more gorgeous with the snowy mountains! On the way back, we stopped in Verdi and got some lotto tickets too!

I hope you enjoyed this post! If you did, please follow my blog on bloglovin because I do these posts every monday! 

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Spring Break 2016 Video!

Hi guys!
I have been posting a ton about my spring break on my travel blog (click here) and I will be continuing to post a lot of pictures and stories here as well! On my youtube channel, I just posted a video full of some clips and pictures that I took while on my trip! I meant to take a lot more video, but I didn't, so this video is a little bit short! Check it out here!

I hope that you liked this video! Please give it a thumbs up and subscribe to my youtube channel (click here) for more! Also, I'm going to be posting restaurant reviews and a lot more on my travel blog, so make sure you check that out if you're interested!