Tuesday, March 1, 2016


I've never really been that spontaneous in life. I like to have a plan or an idea of what to do. I guess this comes from living back home in Hawaii because for the longest time I needed a plan so I could get a ride when I couldn't drive. Even over winter break, I spent so much time trying to plan because my friends had issues getting rides (none of them drive lol) and I needed to figure out what car I could drive and all that stuff. But the best moments in life are the spontaneous ones. I don't really remember the planned brunches I went to over my winter break, but I remember what came after that. Whether it was dying of laughter driving on the freeway because I was so lost and didn't know what exit to take or making my friend park for me because I couldn't enter the parking spot at the right angle. 

Take today for example. I went to a volunteer thing because my friend asked me to and I said yes (a post about being a "yes person" is coming soon!). We got a ride from a guy that we had never met before, but all clicked and had such great convos in the car. Then once we got to the hotel, we wandered through the casino trying to find the room we were supposed to meet everyone at. Then we actually did the volunteer "work".  After that, we ended early so we got ice cream (randomly enough, the Atlantis in Reno has great ice cream) and talked some more. We talked about in-n-out a ton, so we decided to make a stop on the way back to school to get some. Then while at in-n-out my friend gets this guy's number, while me and the guy are hiding outside watching them through the window. It was pure craziness and spontaneity and ended up being so much fun. Even if what we were doing wasn't fun, we were able to let loose and laugh and eat amazing food, which is all great. 

I guess that the whole point of this is that none of us are going to remember the actual volunteering, but will remember in-n-out, the conversations we had, and how hard we laughed. The best memories that are made are the spontaneous ones. Take chances in life. Take a risk, put yourself out there, and go with your desires and instincts once in a while because that's when you'll be your happiest and when you'll make memories. I know spontaneity can be hindered by others, but once you find your squad that is just as crazy and fun as you, memories that'll last a lifetime will be created. Let me know a story about a moment of spontaneity in your life in the comments below! :)

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