Monday, March 21, 2016

My Week on Instagram #22

Hi guys!
It's Monday, so it's time for another MWOI post! I'm sorry this is going up so late, but I'm sitting in my hotel room here in Portland writing this because I totally forgot to pre-write this earlier this week! 

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Tuesday 3/15/16
This was just a random picture taken from inside my bedroom at school because I thought the sky looked pretty! I love me a good sunset, and while this isn't top notch, it's still pretty good!

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Saturday 3/19/16
I flew in to Portland, Oregon Saturday night, so this picture was taken in my hotel room! That flight was the absolute worst flight because it was so noisy and just plain uncomfortable. I didn't even eat dinner Saturday night because I felt so gross after the flight, so I showered and stayed in bed watching Ratatouille :P

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Sunday 3/20/16
Sunday was my first full day in Portland, so we did a lot! One of the things we did was go to Voodoo Doughnuts. The doughnut that I'm eating is called "dirty old bastard" and it was so delicious! It was peanut butter, chocolate, and oreos :)

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Sunday Part 2
I double posted on Sunday! This was from Sunday night when me and my friend went to a hockey game! This was actually my first hockey game and it was the Winterhawks against the Thunderbirds and was pretty fun. I especially enjoyed all the body checking and hitting!

I hope that you enjoyed this post! I'm going to be posting a lot of pictures on my instagram this week because I'm on spring break and I'll be doing lots of stuff! Make sure you follow me @miss_sienna so you don't miss anything, and if you'd like to see more food related pictures, you can follow my second account @siennaskitchen!


  1. Great pics girlie! I don't know about that waffle though. Looks kind of gross. LOL...