Monday, March 14, 2016

My Week on Instagram #21

Hi guys!
It's time for another My Week on Instagram post! I only ended up posting one picture this week, so this post will be quite short, but that's okay! Here we go!

Monday 3/7/16
Monday was my friend Julia's birthday! We've been friends since Kindergarten, but now she goes to college in New York and I'm in Nevada. This picture was taken at my 8th grade dance, which is why we look like little fetuses and I have braces on! I know a lot of people wouldn't post a picture like this of the awkward days, but Julia and I have been through everything together, so this picture only seems fitting to post! 

I hope you guys enjoyed this weeks post! If you want to see more of my instagram pictures, you can follow me @miss_sienna! Also, leave your instagram handles down in the comments because I'd love to check out your profiles!

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