Monday, March 7, 2016

My Week on Instagram #20

Hi guys!
We have another My Week on Instagram post today! I have a couple of really great pictures that I wanted to share the behind the scenes with you! If you missed any of the previous MWOI posts, you can read them all here! And my instagram handle is @miss_sienna if you wanna follow me (haha shameful self promotion)! 

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Thursday: 3/3/16
If you didn't know, 3/3 is girls day in Japanese culture! Usually I celebrate by eating mochi or something at home, but now that I'm in college, this day was relatively uncelebrated! Now, let's talk about this picture... It was taken after my suitemate's birthday dinner (she's the one in the middle) and is my roommates and suitemates (minus one)! Honestly, this isn't the most flattering picture of me because the lens was a fisheye of sort, so it stretches me wide, but I wanted to post it anyway because these are the girls that I'm usually around the most! 

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Friday: 3/4/16
This caption says it all! I've been so busy lately that I either end up scarfing half a bowl of cereal before class or eating clif bars in my lectures! I think last week, I ate clif bars in class two or three days (and got smoothies during my break), which is somewhat of a well-rounded meal I suppose! This picture is from brunch over winter break! It was sweet bread french toast with fruit and was so good! I actually reviewed the restaurant I ate at on my travel blog, so to see more pictures of brunch, click here!

This was another shorter MWOI post, but I hope you liked it regardless! Let me know in the comments what other types of posts you'd like to see because I only want to write what you'd like to read! Also, leave your instagram handles in the comments so I can check out your profiles!

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