Wednesday, March 16, 2016

How To Order Healthy At Smoothie Places

Hi guys!
I love a good smoothie place! Back in Hawaii, it's usually Jamba Juice or some local joints, but here in Reno, it's been Keva Juice because there's one in the student union building! Smoothies are notorious for being those foods that can either be really healthy, or full of fat and bad calories! Here are five tips to help you make good choices at smoothie places!

1) Avoid Dairy
Dairy is just not that good for you. A lot of people are lactose intolerant or lactose sensitive, so you want to avoid it if you can. Dairy is also really high in fat, calories, and hormones, so it is not a health food at all. Try to go for all fruit smoothies or ones with plant based milk alternatives (like soy or almond) instead to save on calories and fat! 

2) Size Wise
Smoothies are great for meals because they have fiber, tons of carbohydrates, and are relatively healthy! They can be bad, though, if you don't size wisely! It is so easy to over drink your calories, so try to stick with either the smallest size or the middle one, unless you're going to split with someone! Be aware of how many calories is in what you're drinking, especially if it's a regular thing or if you're trying to lose weight!

3) Avoid Stimulants
I know at Keva Juice they have a smoothie with Rockstar and at both Jamba and Keva they have smoothies with coffee in them. I don't like having stimulants, especially caffeine, in smoothies because it takes away from some of the good nutritional value and sugar and caffeine is asking for an energy crash later on!
4) Go Whole!
Try to order smoothies that use whole frozen fruits instead of sorbets. Sorbets and sherbets often have lots of added sugar, so whole fruits are a healthier way to drink your smoothies! 

5) Watch Your Boosts
If you're already taking a daily vitamin or are eating a balanced diet, there's not a reason to add vitamin supplements to your smoothies. It's not good or bad to get supplements in your smoothies, but if a supplement sounds too good to be true (will make you burn fat faster!), then it probably is. 

I love a good smoothie, and I do think that they have a place in a healthy diet despite those sugar haters out there that will tell you otherwise! Let me know in the comments what your favorite smoothie places are and what you usually get! I love berry, mango, and acai smoothies! 

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