Dorm Food Round 2!

Hi guys!
At the beginning of the year, I did a video going through the snacks and food that I kept in my dorm room. If you missed that video, you can watch it here! That video is great, and I still have similar things that I shared in that video, but the new semester started and I just went shopping for a semester's worth of snacks, so I wanted to share!

I do have a meal plan, so pretty much all of my lunches and dinners are eaten there with the exception of a meal at Panda or Great Full Gardens once or twice a week! Also, I pretty much always have cereal because I can use excess swipes on that at the end of the week! 

Let me know what kinds of snacks you like to keep on hand! I've been obsessed with Clif Bars lately (especially the peanut butter one), and those apple sauce packets are always great on the fly! Also, my next video will be sample meals that I eat either from the dining hall or from the restaurants/starbucks in the area, so make sure you're subscribed to my youtube channel!


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