Wednesday, March 9, 2016

5 Ways To Make Your Day Better

It's hard not to compare your day or life to those of the people around you. With instagram, twitter, and facebook, we're constantly reminded of everything we don't have and everything we can't do. Instead of getting sucked in to the vortex of self pity, here are five ways to make your day even better than it already is. 

1) Listen to your favorite song
Everyone has "that" song that always puts them in a good mood when listening to it. For me, that's Beverly Hills by Weezer or All Star by Smash Mouth. Listen to those songs, sing ridiculously loud (or mouth the words if you're with other people) and let go of all your stress and tension. 

2) Treat yourself
I'm thinking food, when I say "treat yourself," but you could also go shopping or something. I like treating with food because it's instantly gratifying rather than online shopping where you have to wait to get the item. Either way, let yourself feel happy and loved. 

3) Exercise
Exercise releases endorphins, and endorphins make you happy! But really, nobody feels worse after exercising (unless you get injured or something). Do something that you love and don't be too hard on yourself. My personal favorite is putting on one of those youtube dance tutorials and doing that (if you're looking for a good one, Matt Stefanina makes bomb a$$ tutorials)!

4) Dream
Our society crushes our dreams from such an early age and it becomes increasingly harder to allow ourselves to dream as we age. Write down your goals in a journal no matter how lofty or impossible they seem. Allow yourself to work towards something and fantasize about the future. Alternatively, you could create a pinterest board dedicated to travel or something like that and go crazy! 

5) Connect with others
Sometimes you just need to talk to someone. Social media makes it seem like we're connected to everyone because we are able to see what's going on in everyone's lives, but at the same time it leaves us lonely. We need human connection. Not through screens, but face to face. If not actually in person than at least over Facetime or Skype. It always feels good to talk to someone who you know cares about you and to be able to connect. 

Some of these things take very little time to do, yet can make your entire day or week brighter. At the core of this we need to realize that we have the power to change our outlooks, to make our days good or bad, and that we need to use that power to change our lives. You can be a victim or a fighter each and everyday and that choice is yours. These five things are just a start. There are so many different ways to make your life better. 

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