Sunday, March 27, 2016

3 Spring Nail Trends

Hey guys!
Spring is here! I thought I'd share three of my favorite spring nail trends and nine of my favorite nail polishes with you today! This collage is shopable, so click on an image if you'd like to buy it!

Row 1: Nudes
Nude nail polishes are timeless. They always look chic and better than the outdated french tips. I like going with shiny cream finishes during the spring because it always looks really fresh. 

Row 2: Earthy Roses
These are the other "neutrals" in my life. I like going for the dusty rose/lavender colors because they're a little more grown up than the pastel colors. These colors in metallic finishes are my personal favorite because they reflect light in the most beautiful way. They also add a bit of statement without clashing with your outfit like brighter colors can. 

Row 3: Pastels!
These are the epitome of spring nails. I was bashing on them a little bit earlier, but I do love pastels during the spring. If you're worried about it looking too juvenile, you can try using one as a statement nail (perhaps with the other nails painted in a nude shade!) or on your toes for a somewhat hidden pop of color!

Let me know what your favorite spring nail trends/polishes are in the comments below! Of the nine, my favorite is the Ciate duochrome one (Moondust) because it's so unusual and different from anything I own! Also, make sure you follow me on bloglovin because I post new posts all the time!

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