Monday, February 22, 2016

My Week on Instagram #18

This post marks 4.5 months of "My Week on Instagrams," which is absolutely insane! The last couple weeks (if you missed them, click here!) were a little light on the pictures, but that all changes this week! Let's get started!

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Tuesday: 2/16/16
It was so warm and beautiful on Tuesday, which was amazing! It was the nicest day we've had in a while, but then it snowed a couple days later, which we'll get to next! 

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Thursday: 2/18/16
...then on Thursday it snowed. It was insanely snowing and blizzarding when I was walking between classes, which is when I took this picture to send to my dad. Then I got out of math class... and all the snow was melted...

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Friday: 2/19/16That was my mom's birthday, so I wanted to post something! This picture was taken by my brother with my dslr at my graduation. It was one of the nicest pictures of us that I hadn't posted yet and I loved how the black and white really intensified the contrast and made everything look dimensional!

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Saturday: 2/20/19
The next day was my dad's birthday! How crazy is it that their birthdays are back to back?!? My dad tends to make really dumb faces in pictures, so I couldn't find anything recent to post. This was an old picture of my brother and I with my dad at disneyland or some theme park when we were little! I found it in a box of my old stuff when I was home over winter break and took a picture of the picture, so I had it on my phone. 

I hope that you guys enjoyed this post! If you aren't already following me on instagram, my handle is @miss_sienna! 

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