Wednesday, February 24, 2016

9 Swimsuits for Spring Break

We're a month away from spring break, so I thought that it'd be fun to share some swimwear inspo with you! Swimwear isn't cheap, so some of these items are pricey, but if you take care of them right, swimsuits can last forever! I'm going to Portland, Oregon for spring break, so I won't be using swimsuits outside of the hotel pool, but if you're going somewhere tropical, check these out!

I like a lot of black in my swimwear because it's slimming and sexy at the same time. I also like a lot of cut outs and details in my swimwear because it adds something different from a basic triangle top. I've also been loving one pieces lately (haha I bought one over winter break), and I think that they can be a really awesome look and can be a good fashion statement with shorts over the top of them and heels for a night out!

This is shopable, so click on a swimsuit if you'd like to buy it! Also, let me know in the comments what other posts you'd like to see in the future!

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